7 High-Impact Sports Bras CrossFitters Swear By

Some people assume that a sports bra covers any activity in the category of "sport." Unfortunately, that couldn't be further from the truth. The right bra for your yoga practice and the best bras for CrossFit are two entirely different things, and it all comes down to the impact level.

Oftentimes when you're shopping for a fitness bra, you'll see the phrases low-, medium-, or high-impact. Low-impact exercises are considered things like walking or restorative Yin yoga. Then what's high-impact? Picture doing burpees on a trampoline. CrossFit, which combines aerobics, body weight exercises, and Olympic weight training, is most definitely a high-impact activity. It's also done at high speeds and high intensities to get your heart rate up, so if you're wearing the wrong bra, there's a good chance you'll be pretty uncomfortable.

A good bra for CrossFit gives you tons of support through features like underwire, compression material, or molded cups. It also keeps you cool and chafe-free with flat seams, moisture-wicking fabric, and some kind of ventilation. Basically, your average strappy cami isn't going to cut it here. If you're looking for a truly incredible bra for CrossFit, check out these favorites that reviewers can't get enough of.


A Bra That Encapsulates Your Chest Instead Of Pushing It Down

Panache Underwire Sports Bra (Sizes 28DD-40GG), $38-$176, Amazon

Rather than compressing your breasts against your rib cage, this underwire sports bra individually lifts and encapsulates each one to support from all sides. It also has flat seams and ventilated sides to keep you chafe-free and cool. Even the coaches are impressed: "I'm a part time Crossfit coach, so I run and jump and lift almost every day and this is the only bra I wear."


An Adjustable Front Mesh Panel So You Control Bounce

Glamorise Plus Size Double-Layer Sport Bra (Sizes 32B-46G), $28-$89, Amazon

This double-layer sports bra is one of the only sports bras with an adjustable front mesh panel so you can control bounce. It's also got a two-way stretch in the back and inner bust bands for lift and separation. "I wear a 36DD or 38E depending on the brand and I do Thai Boxing, Crossfit, TRX, and BollyX," one reviewer comments. "This sports bra stands up to all of that."


One Of The Most Popular Sports Bras On Amazon

Wacoal Underwire Sport Bra (Sizes 32C-42DDD), $29-$118, Amazon

With almost 2,000 rave reviews, you know this Wacoal sports bra is good. How good? "Great for busty gals! I use this bra for crossfit and there's little bouncing." It uses two-ply fabric cups and floating underwire to keep you supported, but it's also breathable, super comfortable, and won't chafe.


A Plus Size Bra Designed To Keep You Cool

Lunaire Plus-Size Coolmax Sport Bra (Sizes 32C-48DDD), $19-$82, Amazon

Plus size bras often mean more fabric, which means overheating and sweating all through your workout. Not the Lunaire Coolmax. With a floating frame, moisture-wicking fabric, and eyelet-cup lining, this bra keeps you cool and comfortable.


A Bra That Offers Full Support Without Wires Or Excess Padding

SYROKAN High-Impact Molded Sports Bra (Sizes 32A-40E), $18, Amazon

This molded sports bra has zero wires, but it's still fit for high-impact exercises. That's because it has molded cups, high coverage, and wide padded straps to keep you lifted and supported. "I would give 10 stars if I could," says one reviewer. "I attend CrossFit classes 3-5 days a week and they have not broke down at all... I don't feel like my breathing is restricted and I get a ton of support with out all the excess padding."


So Much More Supportive Than Your Average Yoga Bra

Fittin Racerback Sports Bra (Sizes S-XL), $9-$27, Amazon

Theis racerback sports bra looks like your average cute yoga bra, but it's so much more. It's moisture-wicking with Climacool technology to keep you dry, and it has removable pads and a carefully-designed stretch for lift and support. " I was in major need of a good supportive bra to run, lift and do CrossFit in," says one reviewer. "Fittin was my answer!"


If You're Looking For Zero Bounce Whatsoever

Enell High-Impact Sports Bra (Sizes 00-8), $64, Amazon

With zero stretch and multiple front-close hooks, this high-impact sports bra is specifically designed for zero bounce. It's silky smooth on your skin, incredibly supportive, and available in seven colors. The brand has its own sizing system, so be sure to review the size chart before purchasing. "I wear a cup size F," says one reviewer, and this is "the only bra" that provides enough support and lift for any activity.

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