7 Soft, Comfy Throw Blankets Amazon Reviewers Are Obsessed With


While some blankets may get ratty with so much use, the best throw blankets are super durable without compromising on comfort. If you want your blanket to last January through June and beyond, you'll want to look for ultra thick throw blankets with supportive stitching. You'll want a throw that's double-sided for an added layer of warmth and extra protection against cat claws, tearing, and other home hazards. You'll also want to look for plush fabrics that hold up to wear and tear, like microfibers and flannel for the softest throw blankets.

Of course, your home decor also comes into play. This is especially where a good double-sided throw blanket can come in clutch. There are tons of comfortable throw blankets on the market that feature two separate colors and textures on each side so you can mix and match with your decor. Some are also designed with patterns or shearling details to keep you warm and your home looking cute. And, if you know you get particularly chilly in your home, you might want to opt for a heated throw blanket that can keep you toasty warm.

Not sure how to find the perfect throw blanket? Here's a round-up of some of the softest, most durable options out there.


A Throw Blanket Lined With Sherpa-Style Fleece: Bedsure Sherpa Fleece Blanket Throw

This luxe throw blanket has it all — it's double-sided, has two textures, and it's all bound together with knit trim. One side features sherpa-style fleece, and the other one is made from equally soft microfiber. Both sides offer a little weight to keep you even warmer, and the entire blanket has just a bit of stretch so it won't pill after you wash it. Plus, it's made from stain- and fade-resistant fabrics so this blanket lasts for the long haul. But, it's won over 5,000 Amazon fans, so I'll let them tell you.

What fans say: "Almost a year later, and I am [still] a blanket evangelist. I stand by everything I've said in this original review. It washes well, holds its softness and color and is just... THE MOST AMAZING BLANKET EVER."


A Microfiber Fleece Throw Blanket: Bedsure Fleece Blanket

As a rule, 8,000 Amazon fans have never led me astray thus far. This wildly-popular microfiber throw blanket feels like a dream without weighing you down. While it's double-sided, both sides are made from soft, lightweight microfiber fleece that allows for airflow to keep you from overheating. This blanket also features slight elasticity to keep it from bunching up, and the neat stitches at the hems literally keep this blanket together over time. You can get it in one of 20 different colors to match any space.

What fans say: "It's a lightweight blanket that's still very fluffy, soft, and super cozy. It's light enough to be a summer blanket but it also keeps you warm enough during the chilly summer to fall nights. It also has two different kind of "textured" sides, one side is more "sleek" and the opposite side is more "fluffy". Has become one of my favorite bIankets, I would definitely order again!"


A Textured Throw With Fringe: BOURINA Textured Throw Blanket

Not only is this throw blanket gorgeous to look it, but it feels amazing, too. The textured chevron pattern and fringe detailing on the end makes this throw blanket a chic addition to any home. Even better, it's made from high-density acrylic that's durable and cozy, yet won't cause you to overheat. It's also dyed with environmentally-friendly, non-toxic dyes that won't bleed or shed, so you can be sure this throw is safe to use around pets and kids. Reviewers who want a lighter-weight throw agree that this blanket is just about perfect. It also comes in 16 colors, and a larger size if you decide you want a full-size blanket to match.

What fans say: "Was looking for an inexpensive throw for my sofa back just to give it a little color and something to wrap around my feet if cold. It’s very lightweight, acrylic, soft, and the color is pretty true."


A Faux Fur Throw Great For Cold Weather: Chanasya Super Soft Throw Blanket

This super soft throw blanket is a cold weather must-have. For one, it's made with long-fur sherpa microfiber. This blanket is double-sided, very warm, and basically feels like being rolled up in a fuzzy cloud while you lounge on the couch. Thousands of Amazon reviewers agree this blanket is the best of the best, especially if you're looking to add a little more texture to your decor.

What fans say: "This item ranks high up there among my favorite Amazon purchases. The "underside" is a more traditional blanket weave while the outer is the fantastically soft and "hairy" shag job you see in the pictures. When I'm truly chilly, I tend to flip the traditional side down to cover me up all nice and snug-like. When I want to feel like I'm being draped in a decadent blanket of the Gods woven in wispy, (faux) newborn baby hair...I flip that soft sucker over."


A Plaid Flannel Throw That's Plush: EverGrace Fleece Plaid Flannel Throw Blanket

It's tough to make a case for getting off your couch with this flannel throw blanket. It features two separate textures — traditional plaid flannel on one side, and micro-fleece on the other. The flannel side is smooth while the micro-fleece is a bit bumpier, but both sides are super cozy. Plus, you can even throw this blanket in the washer for super simple cleaning. This blanket comes in 10 different color options, including plaid prints and knit weaves.

What fans say: "The quality of this blanket is extremely good! It is extremely soft on both sides. I have used it indoors as well as on some cold nights outdoors and it has never failed to keep me warm. It is easy to wash and the quality has yet to deteriorate, even after washing it multiple times. Overall this blanket is very comfortable and well worth the money."


A Throw Blanket With Chic Fringe Details: LOMAO Flannel Blanket with Pompom Fringe

If you're looking for something with a decorative trim, this adorable pompom throw hits all the right marks. It's made from rich microfiber polyester, which is super soft yet not too heavy. The adorable fringe is the perfect detail to spice up your decor. On top of that, this blanket is fade-resistant, anti-pill, and easy to care for. It comes in eight different colors and even a larger, full-size option.

What fans say: "My husband, dog and I all really love this blanket. The color is as pictured and as soft as described. The pompoms are sewn on really well and I don't think they will fall off. I have already washed this a couple of times and it has come out good as new."


A Heated Throw Made Of Soft Micromink: Pure Enrichment PureRelief Plush Heated Throw

Crank up the dial on this heated throw blanket to keep you toasty all day long. The blanket itself is made from micromink and sherpa-style fleece so you can choose which ridiculously soft side to snuggle up with. It also comes with an attached remote with four heat settings, and an auto shut-off feature in case you drift off for the night while cuddling with this throw blanket. Reviewers mention that this blanket looks great and feels safe — even on the highest heat setting.

What fans say: "The feel is soft and plush and the heating wires are pretty imperceptible. The look is on par with what I’d expect to find at an upscale spa. [T]he rich gray goes well with my decor and looks very elegant (and oh so inviting on cold nights!)."

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