This Toiletry Bag Has Over 700 Glowing Reviews On Amazon — & It's Only $13

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There's nothing worse than getting off a long flight, reaching your Airbnb, and discovering the expensive shampoo you splurged on last week leaked all over your suitcase. In times like these, you might have wished you looked into the best toiletry bags for women. Because what's worse than spending the first day of vacation in a laundromat, trying to save your favorite sweater, when you could be exploring a foreign city?

A travel essential, toiletry bags are the safest way to protect the rest of your luggage from liquid cleansers, sharp razors, and sticks of deodorant. They're also great for staying organized, with compartments for everything from contacts to toothbrushes. While most travelers reach for large plastic baggies, toiletry bags are environmentally friendly, crafted to protect against leaks, and typically have a waterproof coating. Best of all, most top-rated organizers come in at under $30.

Of course, everyone's travel needs differ. Some people leave the country for three months and want to bring a large stock of their favorite products. Others are more inclined to take simple weekend vacations where they'll need minimal supplies. And while one person might want a compartment for every item, those less invested in organization might not care for the extra hassle. Luckily, there's a wide range of designs to suit every traveler's needs.

So take your pick of the best toiletry bags on the web — and never worry about leaking lotions again.

1. The Overall Best Toiletry Bag

If you think a cute design is almost as important as keeping organized, this hanging toiletry bag is for you. Built with two mesh pockets, a zip-up plastic slot, and a large center compartment, there's enough room to bring along all of your personal care products. Available in six fun prints, this case is also water-resistant and has an anti-bacterial lining. Plus, the sturdy hook makes it easy to hang anywhere in the hotel room.

What fans say: "Could not be more pleased with this bag. Holds my electric toothbrush and all my makeup as well as smaller jars of lotions. I love the little pouches on top which work well for compacts. The see thru bag is great for things you don't use every day, like band aids and tweezers."

2. The Best Large Toiletry Bag

Frequent travelers know the importance of durability when it comes to toiletry bags. Made with a thick, waterproof nylon, this bag can survive rough turbulence and heavy rainfall. Inside you'll find three mesh pockets, two elastic side compartments (for slim items like toothbrushes), and a middle compartment for bulkier products. This organizer is also large enough for two people to share and comes with a heavy-duty hanging hook for the bathroom door or towel rack.

What fans say: "This organizer holds a lot of toiletries, including two 16 oz. shampoo/conditioner bottles, a 12 oz body wash container, and a few full size styling products...all in the main compartment! The side pockets are great as well, holding several brushes, makeup, and facial accessories. The material of this bag is good quality, as well as water resistant, which is nice, since I use the hook to hang the entire bag next to the shower at the gym."

3. The Best Extra Large Bag

Designed to take up the same amount of space as a pair of jeans, the eBags toiletry kit packs flat into your luggage. The travel organizer is divided into four separate compartments, including one with a clear plastic lining for items that may leak. It also has a small, mesh pouch, which is ideal for things like loose jewelry or spare contact lenses.

What fans say: "This is the BEST toiletry bag that I have ever used. It has lots of room to store all my cosmetic needs ( and I have many). The end zipper case was large enough to fit my electric tooth brush case and two small tubes of tooth paste. The other zipper end fit four ( I use different brands of mascara ) tubes of mascara, two eyeliners pencils, a brow pencil, a lash comb, and two lip pencils. Next to this zipper section, I fit four containers of BareMinerals 0.03 oz size. I was also able to fit a case with my make-up brushes in the middle compartment. There was still plenty of room left for other miscellaneous items."

4. The Best Clear TSA-Approved Toiletry Bags

This set of toiletry bags consists of three separate, clear pouches each measuring 7.7 by 5.5 by 2.5 inches and featuring a zip-closure and a loop handle. They're constructed from a thick, durable fabric that's waterproof, quick-drying, and resistant to mold and mildew.

What fans say: "I love these bags! They feel much roomier than the quart sized ziplocs I had been using. The plastic is nice and thick so that I don't have to worry about rips or tears and the little hand loop makes it easy to throw on my wrist while I'm waiting in the TSA line so I'm all ready to go when it's my turn. The bags feel sturdy and I have traveled multiple times with one of these bags and not had any issues."

5. A Cheap But Spacious Draw String Bag

Designed in an alternative barrel shape, the toiletry bag has three internal mesh pockets ideal for large items like shampoo and body wash. Available in three colors, it also comes with a smaller pouch for things like contacts and a clear plastic bag ideal for makeup brushes. Made with a lightweight and waterproof fabric, this is a fantastic way to conveniently transport toiletries from the bathroom to the beach.

What fans say: "This bag is perfect for my makeup when I'm traveling. Everything has its own little compartment to stay upright, along with plenty of space in the middle for the larger items to have enough room. I like how roomy the bag is when its open, but when you cinch it closed, its very compact and space saving. Very happy with my purchase!"

6. A Stylish Toiletry Bag With Hundreds Of Glowing Reviews

Makeup lovers rejoice — there's a toiletry bag equipped for the challenge of storing both cosmetics and other products in one space. Itraveller's multifunction organizer has two zip-up pockets for smaller cosmetics and a large open compartment that can fit palettes and body lotion in a single space. This durable and water-resistant case also includes a removable pocket that's ideal for makeup tools or a toothbrush.

What fans say: "I used this toiletry bag for a 7 day vacation to Paris. It is a bit small, but it really does fit all of your essential makeup products. I was able to fit: 11 brushes (with room for more), about 9 lipsticks, 4 normal sized powder compacts, mascara and eyeliner pencils, liquid foundation bottle, primer bottle, beauty sponge, and two full sized palettes. It definitely fits all you'll need for a vacation or trip!"

7. The Best Small Toiletry Bag

The tiniest toiletry bag on the list, HaloVa's multipurpose travel organizer is ideal for minimalists hoping to bring along just the necessities. Coming in at under five by five inches and just over two inches thick, this adorable bag will even fit into your purse. Made with a soft cotton exterior and waterproof interior, this is another pick with a five-star rating on Amazon.

What fans say: "[...]it's perfect for use with only cosmetics! But don't try putting any brushes or large pencils in it expecting it to fit!"

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