Big Dogs Will Love These Oh-So-Fun (And Indestructible!) Toys

Your dog may be large in size, but you know he’s just a big baby at heart. He loves to chase balls, chew on ropes, play tug-o-war, gnaw on bones, and prance around the park with childlike glee. This is why he deserves to have the best toys for big dogs you can find.

There are so many options out there — balls, stuffed animals, rubber kongs — even bouncing bowling pins. However, finding ones that fit larger dogs' needs can sometimes be tough; So many of these toys are aimed at little dogs and puppies.

If your furry friend is a Great Dane, labrador retriever, husky, mastiff, pitbull, Alaskan malamute, golden retriever, German shepherd, or other big breed, you can’t just hand over any stuffed bear. That poor little creature will be destroyed in minutes and your house will look like it got pelted with of hurricane of white fluff.

Larger breeds need sturdier, tougher dog toys that are built from strong materials capable of lasting past the first chewing session. They need to be big enough to be comfortably gripped in his mouth without disappearing into his jaws. If short, they should be among the most indestructible dog toys you can find. Here is a list of the best dog toys for bigger breeds.


An Indestructible Bouncy Ball That Floats In Water

Constructed with practically indestructible thermo plastic-rubber, this heavy-duty dog ball is the perfect choice for your gentle giant. It's firm yet bouncy so it keeps them engaged without letting them shred it to pieces. On top of that, it's infused with vanilla extract to stimulate their sense of smell and maintain their attention. It floats too, so if you have a swimmer, you can toss it in the water when you guys are playing fetch. "My aggressive chewer hasn't managed yet to chew this ball to smithereens so it gets a thumbs up from me!" said one enthusiastic Amazon reviewer. Just remember to select the large size when checking out.


An Oversized Rope Toy That's Specifically Built For Strong-Jawed Dogs

Whether your pup is into tug-o-war or likes chasing after ropes, this ultra-thick, oversized rope toy is sure to keep Fido smiling during playtime. Made from strong, 100 percent cotton, it's specifically designed for large breed dogs with powerful jaws and won't disintegrate at the first sign of teeth. The double-rope shape features an easy grip loop and is machine-washable so it doesn't get gross and slimy. "My American Bulldog, Max, weighs 142 [pounds] and is very strong," said one Amazon customer. "We play several sessions of 'tug' every day, and it barely looks used... It's a perfect size for a large dog, with big knots for him to grip and plenty of length."


An Extra-Large KONG You Can Fill With Treats To Keep Your Pooch Busy (And Mentally Stimulated)

The KONG Extreme is an extra-large version of the classic toy that you fill with peanut butter or other treats and watch your pooch go crazy over. They can chew it, lick it, gnaw on it, or even chase it around the room — the rubber material is super tough and bouncy. The oddly-shaped toy is designed to bounce in an uneven trajectory to stimulate your dog's mental focus and encourage their natural honing instincts. "We have a 80+ [pounds] pitbull and this is the first toy that has EVER stood a chance!" said one Amazon user. "We still marvel a few times a week that it has lasted a month." For big dogs, be sure to select the large, X-large, or XX-large option.


A Sturdy, Bacon-Flavored Chew Toy That Also Cleans Dogs' Teeth

If your pup's breath leaves something to be desired, this dental chew toy is a great way to clean their teeth clean while also having fun. The bacon-flavored toy features thick nylon ends with soft ridges in between, offering a surface to massage the gums and scrub the teeth. The textures help reduce plaque and tartar buildup with triple-cleaning action. The large size is made for dogs 50 pounds and up. "My guide dog is a 60 pound lab/golden cross and my husband's is a 70 pound lab," said one happy Amazon reviewer. "Nothing but Nylabone holds up to their chewing. After a long day of work, they come home and grind their favorite bones. This bacon one is definitely a favorite!" Again, just remember to select the "large" size when purchasing.


An Ethically-Sourced, Naturally-Shed Elk Antler That's Rich In Calcium

This authentic elk antler is one of the best things you can give a large breed dog to chew on. The premium antlers, which showcase an outer layer of thick enamel, are trimmed and sanded into smooth, safe shapes for dogs to gnaw on without getting cut or it splintering off into shards. As they chew, the antlers provide calcium, phosphorous, manganese, zinc, and other minerals to keep your dog healthy and tartar-free. The naturally-shed antlers are ethically sourced from the forest floor, so you don't have to feel guilty about your purchase. "My pitbull-corso mix is what's commonly referred to as a power chewer," said one Amazon customer. "She's chewed through a wooden door and reduced wire crates to unrecognizable scrap but she can't beat these antlers. My girl has been working on one of these for months and has barely put a dent in it. It keeps her occupied for when she has to be crated and is one of her favorites."


A Squeaky Bowling Pin That Bounces And Tumbles

If your BFF finds the sound of squeaky toys absolutely irresistible, this giant-sized bowling pin toy will fill them with joy. The rugged toy features super resilient rubber and a durable squeaker that's nearly impossible to remove. The toy bounces, flings, rolls, and tumbles, providing hours of fun for chasers and chewers alike. "I have a 6-month old pitbull boy and he has chewed up every toy he has owned," said one satisfied Amazon user. "But this toy has been the best toy he's ever had. It's the perfect size, SUPER tough, and my dog is in love with it." This one also comes in multiple sizes, so don't forget to select the large option!


A Stuffing-Free Plush Toy That Makes A Delightful Crackling Sound Dog Love

Big dogs love chewing on stuffed animals — but they also love to tear open the stuffing and turn your living room into a tornado of fluff within five minutes. This brilliant plush toy solves this problem by forgoing the stuffing altogether, opting instead for a crackling, crunchy material inside that offers a sound dogs inexplicably just love. It's specifically made for medium, large, and giant breeds. "I am not usually so easily impressed by my dog's toys since she usually disembowels and dismembers them within a day, but this toy is surviving much longer than any others I've purchased and she loves it," said one pleased Amazon reviewer. "Crackle Heads is an excellect option for dogs that are strong chewers who love to hear and feel the crunch; it endures hard play, tugs of war, as well as nap-time cuddles."

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