The 7 Best Toys For Big Dogs

Your dog may be large in size, but you know he’s just a big baby at heart. He loves to chase balls, chew on ropes, play tug-o-war, gnaw on bones, and prance around the park with childlike glee. This is why he deserves to have the best toys for big dogs you can find.

There are so many options out there — balls, stuffed animals, rubber kongs — even bouncing bowling pins. However, finding ones that fit larger dogs' needs can sometimes be tough; So many of these toys are aimed at little dogs and puppies.

If your furry friend is a Great Dane, labrador retriever, husky, mastiff, pitbull, Alaskan malamute, golden retriever, German shepherd, or other big breed, you can’t just hand over any stuffed bear. That poor little creature will be destroyed in minutes and your house will look like it got pelted with of hurricane of white fluff.

Larger breeds need sturdier, tougher dog toys that are built from strong materials capable of lasting past the first chewing session. They need to be big enough to be comfortably gripped in his mouth without disappearing into his jaws. If short, they should be among the most indestructible dog toys you can find. Here is a list of the best dog toys for bigger breeds.