The 7 Best Women’s Running Socks

There are so many ways running socks can do you wrong, aren’t there? They can bunch up around your ankles; they can make you sweat profusely; they can be so paper-thin that your feet get sore. If you’re going to enjoy your workouts, you need the best women’s running socks you can find. After all, you’ve gone through the effort of dragging yourself out the door — you might as well have a decent pair of footwear.

High-quality running socks will offer you a number of things. First, the fabric will be breathable and won’t trap moisture, allowing you to work up a good, hard sweat without soaking up puddles of water around your ankles. They will offer temperature control, keeping your feet warm on crisp, early morning jogs while cooling them down on hot, sunny midday runs.

You also want your running socks to be comfortable and fit you properly. They should be snug and secure enough that they don’t slip down while offering cozy cushioning to absorb impact, particularly if you do any trail running or hard sprints. Lastly, you should be able to put them on before your run without being afraid you'll come home an hour later with giant blisters running up and down your ankles.

Whether you're a bonafide marathon runner or a novice just getting into the sport, there's a pair of great workout socks on this list for you.


A Hi-Tech Compression Sock That Reduces Muscle Soreness

Feetures Elite Lite Cushion Running Socks, $13-29, Amazon

Whether you're already an elite performance runner, or simply want to run more effortlessly (or shave off time), Feetures' Sock-Lock technology will blow you away with its targeted compression system. The tigher-fitting fabric in these cushioned running socks locks your muscles in place, thereby bolstering blood flow, enhancing performance, and reducing post-workout muscle soreness. The socks' anatomical design customizes the fit and the seamless toe makes them ultra comfortable. If that's not enough, Feetures' iWick material wicks away moisture to keep your feet dry, too.


An Antimicrobial Sock That Uses Silver Ions To Fight Odor

Balega Silver Antimicrobial No-Show Running Socks, $15, Amazon

The odor management system in these antimicrobial running socks is nothing short of miraculous. Using little beads of silver ions that are woven into the yarn, Balega's Drynamix fabric is activated via movement, releasing antibacterial ions when you run that fight mold and fungi while minimizing odor from sweat. On top of that, the socks are amazingly comfortable with locked-in heel and mid-foot areas that allow your toes to move freely and mitigate blisters.


A Six-Pack Of Quality Socks That Are Super Affordable

Kold Feet Women's Visual Athletic Low Cut Sock, $16 (6 Pack), Amazon

A perfect blend of high-performance and affordability, these running socks are made of a polyester and cotton blend with a touch of spandex. The moisture-wicking fibers help to prevent blisters, fight odor, and can even keep your feet cool. They offer cushioned soles that help absorb shock and reduce impact as well as a padded heel and toe for improved durability. Best of all, they come in a six-pack for just 16 bucks, making them less than three bucks a pair.


A Super Cute Toe Sock That Fits Right And Won't Bunch

Injinji Mini-Crew Women's Running Socks, $14, Amazon

If you can't resist an adorable toesock, these mini-crews from Injinji make a great choice. The female-specific design features a narrow foot shape with a stretchy heel-to-toe fit that allows the fabric to expand across your arch, delivering circulation-boosting compression along with comfort. Each toe sleeve is super snug and won't bunch, blister, or give you that loose-fitting feeling when you move. As a bonus, these socks are great for hiking, too.


A Wool Running Sock That Offers Temperature Regulation

Pure Athlete No-Show Wool Running Socks, $15-35, Amazon

These fantastically warm and comfy socks from Pure Athlete are exactly what you want if you live in a chillier climate or run in the mornings when it's still cold and dark outside. Made with a special wool yarn that controls temperature, the socks deliver all of the benefits of wool without the itchiness. The blend of merino, polypropylene, nylon, and spandex wicks away moisture, too, and will ensure that your feet stay dry and don't get wet or cold. The socks also feature an awesome mesh top that ventilates and keeps them breathable.


A Colorful Crew-Length Sock That Reduces Plantar Fasciitis

HUSO Athletic Quarter Running Socks, $24, Amazon

Some of us prefer crew-length running socks to the no-show design — if that's you, these are a superb option. Aside from being super cute and available in 28 color and quantity choices, these imported running socks have a smooth toe seam that reduces bulk while making them feel extra soft. Built with moisture-wicking Sorbtek fabric, they are amazingly dry and breathable, even when you're working hard. Lastly, they feature compression-fitting technology starting mid-foot that delivers arch support and is helpful for folks who are prone to plantar fasciitis.


A Lightweight Running Sock That's Perfect For Hot Climates

Darn Tough Coolmax Vertex Ultralight Running Sock, $16, Amazon

These thin, ultra-light running socks offer excellent breathability and moisture-management, not to mention a customized fit that helps fight blisters, hot spots, and the dreaded "slipping down to your ankle and bunching up in the back of your sneaker" effect. The best part, though, is that the fabric is 27 percent lighter than the company's other no-show sock, making them a fabulous choice if you live in a hot climate or tend to work out in the middle of the midday sun. They come in seven colors including aqua, clover, deep purple, white, black, vibrant orange, and sulfur spring.

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