The 14 Warmest Pairs Of Socks You Need For Winter

by Sam Escobar

If there's any big fashion lesson my mom instilled in me when I was growing up in snowy Syracuse, NY, it was the importance of wearing a good pair of socks. Protecting your feet from the freezing wetness of wintry weather is so important, so stocking up on the best socks for winter should be a priority for colder months.

Here's the deal: when it's icy outside and your feet or legs get wet, you're in more danger of developing hypothermia. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, water "conducts heat away from the body 25 times faster than air," so the risk is increased. Plus, you're dealing with windchill and low temperatures, which means your poor feet are doubly cold.

Taking preventative measures like wearing waterproof boots and a thick pair of socks (preferably with moisture-wicking abilities so they can dry if they do get wet) can work wonders for keeping you nice and warm. Whether you need long socks to wear with your boots that won't sag or an ultra thick pair that keeps your feet cozy even in the coldest temps, there's a pick on here for you.


A Super Protective Pair Of Bug Repellent Hiking Socks

Cresta No Fly Zone Hiking Socks, Lightweight (Pack of 2), $27, L.L. Bean

If you're in search of a thick warm pair of hiking socks that won't let you down, this pair from L.L. Bean has a ton of features that you'll love. The material is treated with permethrin, a "synthetic form of naturally occurring bug repellant" that protects your skin from ticks, mosquitos, and other unfriendly little creatures, while the merino wool wicks away moisture and keeps you warm.


This Ribbed Knee-High Pair Keeps Your Legs Toasty

Ribbed Knee-High 2 Pack Socks (Sizes 7-9 and 10-13), $21, Torrid

I have wide calves, so a lot of boots and socks feel constricting when I wear them. Luckily, there are plenty of sock options that come in plus sizes, so I can wear a pair like these cute ones from Torrid that won't make my legs feel like they're being squeezed all day long. And on top of being comfy, this two-pack features a black pair and a red pair, so you can rock them subtly or colorfully.


This Pair Is Specially Designed To Keep Your Feet Warm

Heat Holders Thermal Socks, $15-$40, Amazon

There's nothing like having your feet in front of a warm fire or space heater. The next best thing? These amazing thermal socks, which promises to be seven times warmer than regular socks by keeping toasty warm air closer to the body.


A Trio Of Athletic Socks That Keep Your Feet Dry

Nike Womens 3-Pack Dri Fit Cushion No-Show Tab Ankle Socks, $15-$25, Amazon

For certain outfits, I just don't want to wear longer socks that show (though my mother would definitely scold me for exposing my ankles to the cold air). A good compromise that still allows you to keep your feet dry and warm is this pair of Nike ankle socks made from breathable material that wicks away moisture. Plus, these have specially designed heel stitching that keeps 'em from sliding down into your shoes.


An Amazing Pair Of Comfortable Athletic Socks

Hi-Tec Women’s Performance Hiking Socks For Outdoors (Pack of 2), $20, Amazon

If you want a pair of socks that can do it all, get this warm and comfy design that features arch compression for better support, smooth stitching so your toes won't get itchy, and a wool and polyester blend that prevents your feet getting cold, wet, and uncomfortable. Plus, it has cushioning on the ball and heel of the foot, so you won't get as tired if you're wearing them while hiking, skiing, or just walking around for a long period of time.


This Pair Of Athletic Wicks Away Moisture

Fox River Women's Wick Dry Walker Lightweight Athletic Crew Socks, $8-$13, Amazon

Keep your feet comfy and warm with this pair of socks made from material that not only dries quickly, it also prevents blisters, making it an excellent choice for athletes.


Pastel Dotted Socks For A Dose Of Cuteness

Yshare Women's Super Thick Winter Wool Soft Crew Socks (Pack of 3), $14, Amazon

If you love soft, pretty socks that look great with your outfits (and in your Instagram pics!), this three-pack is for you. Featuring a cute dot print and multiple colors, these warm wool blend socks allow your feet to stay toasty in style.


A Snug Pair Of Knee-Highs With A Little Bow

Bow Knee-High Marled Knit Socks (Sizes 7-9 and 10-13), $17, Torrid

If you're in the market for a chunky knit design that looks so cute peeking from the tops of your boots, this lovely pair is a perfect pick. Plus, each sock features a pretty little bow!


A Chic Pair Of Knee Highs With A Cool Logo

Calvin Klein Icon Logo Knee High Socks, $15, ASOS

If you're a sucker for the logo trend, this cool set of knee highs from Calvin Klein is for you. This cotton-rich knit pair will keep your feet, calves, and knees covered, so if you feel like rocking a skirt on a chilly day, you can totally do it without sacrificing your legs' warmth.


This Thick Pair Of Warmers Slips Into Your Boots

Womens Wellie Warmers (Sizes S-L), $25, L.L. Bean

Technically, these aren't socks so much as they're boot liners, but they're sure to make your feet so much happier. Made of soft fleece, these Wellie Warmers slip into your boots to keep you toasty and dry all day long.


A Trio Of Precious Pet Socks

EBMORE Animal Design Soft Wool Socks (Pack of 3), $12, Amazon

There's nothing wrong with adding a little flare to your footwear, especially if that flare involves cats.


This Super Cozy Pair With Moisturizer Added In

Women Heattech Socks (Pack of 2), $10, Uniqlo

On top of being super cold, the winter air (as well as the air from your heaters) can be terribly drying to your skin, too. This pair of socks from Uniqlo is not only made from their famous Heattech material that keeps your body super warm, it also features moisturizers that stop your feet from getting parched.


A Collection Of Five Super Thick & Colorful Sock Pairs

Ysense Pack of 5 Women's Thick Knit Wool Crew Socks, $17, Amazon

Stock up on a bunch of options all at the same time for just 17 bucks with the pack of five wool winter socks. They're simple enough to wear with just about any outfit, and the cool and cotton blend will keep your feet cozy all day long.

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