These Colored Eyeliners Take Your Makeup Game Beyond Basic —& They're All On Amazon

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Much like a capsule wardrobe, a makeup kit that is stocked with the basics will see you through your everyday in style. And, as with capsule wardrobes, capsule makeup collections tend to feel a little bit bland until you inject them with a few pops of color. The best colored eyeliner has come a long way from the waxy sticks with low-quality pigment you could find at a dollar store. Now you can buy seriously high-end eyeliner in a range of shades, from acid green and hot pink to milk white and metallic copper.

There are three main types of eyeliners, and they have different pros and cons, especially when you're in the market for eye-popping hues.


  • Pros: Whether you're eyeing a traditional pencil or one that's more like a creamy crayon, this type of eyeliner is easy to apply and is great for beginners. Pencils can be good for the waterline depending on the formula, and they're usually very pigmented.
  • Cons: You have to sharpen some of them, and the creamy versions aren't always budge-proof.


  • Pros: A liquid liner is capable of drawing sharp lines that can really add drama, and it's hands-down the best formula for applying glitter since there's no fallout.
  • Cons: You have to let it dry, the application can be difficult, it's not good for the waterline, and you may have to layer for maximum opacity.


  • Pros: You can apply these with a finger or brush, they usually don’t smudge, and they can double as shadow, liner, or even highlighter.
  • Cons: Depending on the formula they might tug on lids, and they are notorious for drying out before you hit pan.

The bright and beautiful colored eyeliners below come in pencils, liquids, and so much more — and all are reasonably priced.

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The Best Colored Eyeliner Pencils

The OG eyeliner that's beginner-friendly and easy to use, these pencil options let you precisely line in vibrant hues.

1. A Chunky Multitasking Eyeliner In Tons Of Colors

This thick eyeliner covers a wider area than most pencils, so it's best suited for bold looks that don’t have a lot of different competing colors — like smokey eyes or laying down a foundation shade. (You can also use them to contour and highlight.) There are literally dozens of hues to choose from: A white or nude can even out your eyelids and create a brighter base for crisper color, but pastels and brights are also included in the lineup. One shopper noted, "The pencil itself lasts a pretty long time. May rub off or need to refresh after a few hours but it goes on well and makes the eyes pop." The only caveat is that its creamy texture can be prone to creasing and might gum up sharpeners.

  • Available colors: 25

2. This Drugstore Pencil That Stays On All Day & Night

Reviewers love this pencil from L'Oreal, claiming it's a great dupe for a popular Urban Decay pencil at half the price, and it's easy to see why. The creamy glide-on formula includes edgy colors like burgundy (that are tough to find in other brands) and promises up to 24 hours of smudge-proof wear that's waterline-friendly. One reviewer who struggled to find a liner that would last reported that this pencil "goes on very smoothly and STAYS on once applied, but can easily be removed after all day wear. No more racoon eyes. I love it!"

  • Available colors: 10

3. A Waterproof Colored Liner In Three Different Finishes

These waterproof eyeliners come in three rich finishes, including velvety mattes, glitters, and metallics, and in hard-to-find hues like white gold (featured here). The waterproof, smudge-proof formula promises to glide on smoothly and wear up to 24 hours and is Leaping Bunny certified, which means WUNDER2 maintains a high international standard for their cruelty-free products. Several shoppers raved about the buttery application and longevity, sharing that these had replaced pricier brands in their kit like Marc Jacobs. "It delivers on its promises that it's water resistant and smudge proof...Doesn't budge until I use my oil cleanser to remove at night," one added.

  • Available colors: 37

The Best Colored Liquid Eyeliners

For painting on flawless winged liner or applying glitter with ease, liquid liners pack a colorful punch.

4. This Drugstore Liquid Liner In Jaw-Dropping Neons

The Vivid Brights line was quite literally made for colorful eyeliner looks — there’s not a single “black" or "brown” in the entire lineup. Choose from colors like pink, violet, and green. Reviewers were impressed with the color payoff and budge-proof wear on this cruelty-free formula, commenting that the thin brush was surprisingly easy to work with. However, some shoppers noticed that certain lighter colors required more than one coat for maximum impact. But, as one customer wrote, "Regardless, super props to NYX for making these amazing affordable colorful products that other brands are afraid to do"

  • Available colors: 8

5. A Set Of Glitter Eye Liners That Are Comparable To A Prestige Brand

Another great Urban Decay dupe according to raving fans, this set of glitter eyeliners will dry down to a waterproof finish and last up to 12 hours. The colors show up vividly on every skin tone although — like the NYX liquid liners above — certain shades require more than one coat for peak payoff. One reviewer whose eyeliner survived Mardi Gras wrote, "These liners are much better than I expected them to be...The colors are extremely pigmented and you can apply a little for just a bit of sparkle, or layer it on for a super glam look." She also reported that, despite their party-on longevity, they do eventually "wash off fairly easily with soap and water."

The Best Novelty Eyeliners

These outside-the-box formulas let you push your creativity to the limit.

6. This Versatile Gel Liner That Dries Fast

These gel liners are so versatile — you can dab them on your lid with a finger to create a quick eye shadow on busy days, or go to town with your skinniest detail brushes for a Heidi Klum-worthy costume look. (And, in that case, you better nab their gel liner set.) Reviewers confirmed that the talc-free formula is indeed hypoallergenic and dries down quickly for waterproof, sweat-proof wear. As one shopper commented. "It is easy to manipulate when putting it on, and it goes on smoothly (which is not always the case with these types of liners). That said, once this liner sets it is set!"

  • Available colors: 13

7. This Double-Ended Glitter Eye Liner With A Matching Liquid Eye Shadow

This colored eyeliner and eyeshadow duo is a more wearable way to venture into color if you’re new to brights. The custom-coordinated eyeshadow and glitter liner eliminates the guesswork of matching products, plus it gives you extra versatility: You don’t have to wear the glitter liner if you’re not feeling extra. The shadow is shimmery and budge-proof (one shopper claimed it "lasted about 12 hours and looked as if it had just been applied") and, depending on the duo color you choose, it can make a great all-over lid color.

  • Available colors: 10

8. An Eye Liner And Mascara Duo That Shows Up Under Black Lights

This ultraviolet eyeliner and mascara duo looks super pigmented by day and totally transforms under a black light. The formula contains natural moisturizers to nourish skin and lashes, but the long-wearing formula won't slide off if you break a sweat — and it washes off easily at the end of the day (or night). Just note that the blue and purple — as a rule regardless of brand, per several UV-savvy reviews — won’t glow as brightly as the other colors. "AMAZING!" one shopper gushed, noting that the "Color is very visible in light and glows amazing under UV."

Also Nice: A Set Of Eye Liner Brushes

I chose this set because it’s more comprehensive than any other I saw while still remaining eyeliner-specific. You get a total of four eyeliner brushes, which gives you all the tools you need to create tons of looks from no-makeup makeup to more advanced looks. Two skinny pointed brushes are great for detail work; the flat-top brush makes lining your eyes a snap (just stamp it along the lash line), and an angled brush can be used to create both sharp winged eyeliner and fill in the fleek-iest of brows. They're made from cruelty-free synthetic bristles that according to one fan are "stiff enough to be precise but soft enough to glide across my eyelid."