The 8 Best External Vibrators For Beginners

Courtesy of Vedo and Lelo

If you masturbate, it’s possible that you’ve always used your hand to do the deed, and that’s just great, because there’s nothing quite like a classic rub-out. With that being said, if you’re jonesing to try something new on your own or with a partner(s), you might be on the prowl for some sex toys! Well, this is cause for celebration. Pop the pink champagne and prep the lube. The first part of the process is figuring out which one is for you. One approach to consider? Looking for some external vibrators that are especially good for beginners — it's fine way to start experimenting with the pulsing pleasure you so deserve.

Sex therapist Janet Brito, based in Hawaii, tells Bustle, that one of her pieces of advice when it comes to shopping for your first sex toy is to try and do it in person.

"Although you can buy so many sex toys online, it is best to go directly to the sex store in order to be able to touch and smell the toy," Brito says. "I highly recommend a sex-positive, education-based, body-safe sex toy store like the Smitten Kitten."

However, whether or not you decide to shop online or in person, Brito recommends that you thoroughly research the product before purchasing, and check that the materials are toxic free.

Below a few obvious and not-so-obvious vibrators for first timers.