The 8 Best External Vibrators To Try If You're A Sex Toy Newbie
Courtesy of Vedo and Lelo

If you masturbate, it’s possible that you’ve always used your hand to do the deed, and that’s just great, because there’s nothing quite like a classic rub-out. With that being said, if you’re jonesing to try something new on your own or with a partner(s), you might be on the prowl for some sex toys! Well, this is cause for celebration. Pop the pink champagne and prep the lube. The first part of the process is figuring out which one is for you. One approach to consider? Looking for some external vibrators that are especially good for beginners — it's fine way to start experimenting with the pulsing pleasure you so deserve.

Sex therapist Janet Brito, based in Hawaii, tells Bustle, that one of her pieces of advice when it comes to shopping for your first sex toy is to try and do it in person.

"Although you can buy so many sex toys online, it is best to go directly to the sex store in order to be able to touch and smell the toy," Brito says. "I highly recommend a sex-positive, education-based, body-safe sex toy store like the Smitten Kitten."

However, whether or not you decide to shop online or in person, Brito recommends that you thoroughly research the product before purchasing, and check that the materials are toxic free.

Below a few obvious and not-so-obvious vibrators for first timers.

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1. Svakom Echo

It's all in the curve when it comes to the Svakom Echo, but it fits perfectly between your legs if you have a vulva, and right in the palm of your hand for perfect control while you use it.

Not only is Echo quiet, but it has a good amount of power and adjustability for it's size. The control is right on the inside of the curved edge, so it's recommended that you use it at a slight angle with the body. Small, lightweight, and discreet, Echo is a perfect pick for travel and tight spaces.

VeDo Yumi Compact Silicone Vibrator

Tried and true, finger vibrators are a really great place to start for first timers, and the VeDO Yumi is one such wonderful option.

It's a small vibrator that sits between your index and middle finger with enough surface area for a good rub, while still having a nice tip that allows for more pinpointed pleasure wherever you desire it. It also has a very respectable ten vibration speeds, so you can spend its one hour of charge trying them all out.

Mimic + Plus

While it is a bit on the pricey side, Mimic + Plus is like a vibrating tongue, or the best hump because of its very unique shape that is meant to be used as a lay on vibrator. You can fit it into the palm of your hand or in between you and another body.

"It delivers deep, rumbly sensations with a broad surface area," Spectrum Boutique says. But if you like pinpointed stimulation, the pointed edges offer that option too.

It has a strong motor, so the pressure is there. With its precision tip and generous wings, you can achieve targeted pleasure or a teasing wave of reverberation.

Bullet Vibrator

On the Ella Paradis site, they literally refer to this as "Ella's First Pocket Vibe," the Bullet Vibrator by Better Love. While on the one hand, it's certainly your what-you-see-is-what-you-get pocket vibe, it also has four different attachments for the head. That means that it's not as intimidating as other toys and can be used as a simple, small, wand of vibration. But when you get a little more comfortable, you literally have options at your fingertips.

LeLo Ora 2

OK, this one is a bit of an investment, but what this piece has on basically anything else? The ORA™ 2 is "the world’s most intelligent oral sex simulator," Ella Paradis says.

It has a moving ball that essentially acts as the tip of a tongue, and because of its unique circular shape and grip, it is built for exploring exactly what feels good to you.

While it might look advanced, it's easy to use and feels wonderful. Great for someone who wants to dive into something a little different for their first toy.

Pave Grace

It's tiny, it's specifically for the clitoris, and it is encrusted with faux crystals because sometimes it's nice for sex to shine bright like a diamond, as you or your lovers click through the five various speed settings and seven different functions. Wahoo!

The Pave Grace Clitoral Stimulator by Jopen has a slight curve that allows for you to just get on in there wherever you need the vibration. To the point, literally and otherwise, and oh-so-stylish as you use it.

The Pleasurette

The Pleasurette is a great external bullet-esque vibrator, and is also recommended for shallow penetration if that is your thing. There are three intensities you can adjust with button push control on the bottom.

Smitten Kitten also mentions that it's small enough to easily fit between bodies, "the long side providing dispersed stimulation" whereas you can use that tip for a little more pinpointed vibration. It's all up to you! It's about enjoying it and figuring out what feels right.


The Enby is a particularly unique and wonderful vibrator, as it is very much made with all different kinds of bodies in mind. As Wildflower describes on their site, it works when being "humped, rubbed on, tucked in a harness, and placed between bodies." And because of it's curves and flexible wings, you can stroke and massage with it any which way you want.

So go forth and see what might really do it for you, my friends. Each body feels pleasure in different ways, and it can be a very fun journey figuring out what floats your boat— with or without toys!