8 Flannel Sheets That Are So Warm & Cozy You'll Want To Stay In Bed

Maybe you hate cold weather with a burning passion. Maybe you love it more than anything, and your favorite part is snuggling into your bed with some hot chocolate and your favorite show. (Disclaimer: the latter is 100 percent me.) Either way, disclaimer or not, the best flannel sheets are the answer.

A lot of people don't realize this, but flannel isn't made from one specific material, and it's not synonymous with plaid. Originally, flannel was made from sheep's wool in Scotland, but now it's more common to find flannel that's made from cotton or synthetic fibers. What makes it "flannel" is that the yarn is loosely spun — and this is the reason it's so soft, cozy, and great when it comes to insulating.

Needless to say, if you like cuddling into a cloud of your own body heat, flannel is a no-brainer when it comes to winter bedding, and Amazon is a great place to find a set of sheets you'll love. They have good quality flannel sheets in tons of sizes, and reviewers can't stop commenting on how cozy and warm they are. Since they come in loads of cute winter-themed designs, they're also a great way to add a little festivity to your bedroom.

The Best-Rated Flannel Sheets On Amazon

Pinzon Signature Flannel Sheet Set, $65-$75, Amazon

Pinzon is hands down the highest rated flannel set on Amazon because these sheets are the best mixture of quality and comfort. They're 100 percent cotton velvet with a double-napped finish and a four-inch hem, which means they're both soft and durable. "These sheets are the best ever flannel!" says one reviewer. "They have a softness unlike any sheets I've ever slept on."

Non-Pilling Flannel Sheets In A Cotton-Fleece Blend

Thermee Micro Flannel Sheets, $50-$80, Amazon

Because they're made from a micro-flannel material, Thermee sheets combine the comfort of cotton with the easy care of fleece. They won't shrink, pill, or wrinkle, and they're fast-drying to save energy. Best of all, reviewers say "They're warm and oh so soft, but I haven't woken up hot once, even though the temps got a little warm for a few nights recently." They also come in a ton of awesome designs, like Hipster Bear, Cat Party, and Winter Fun.

Extra-Warm Flannel Sheets For Colder Nights

Pointehaven Heavy Weight Printed Flannel Set, $44-$58, Amazon

These heavy weight Pointehaven flannel sheets are double-brushed and extra thick for the coziest winter ever. They also come in six sizes and several eye-catching designs, and reviewers say they'll "keep you toasty warm."

Deep Pocket Flannel Sheets In A Solid Color

Mellanni Cotton 4 Piece Flannel Sheets Set, $37-$40, Amazon

Flannel has a tendency to get rougher with every wash, but reviewers say these Mellanni cotton flannet sheets only get softer. These 100 percent cotton flannel sheets are resistant to fading, stains, and wrinkles, and they come in six different sizes (including Twin XL and California King). And, their deep pockets ensure they'll be a perfect fit for your mattress.

Lightweight Flannel Sheets That Stop You From Overheating At Night

Brielle 100-Percent Cotton Flannel Sheet Set, $16-$50, Amazon

While they still offer the warmth of 100 percent cotton flannel, this Brielle set is more lightweight and breathable than other brands. That means it's great for hot sleepers, or even summer months. "These sheets are insanely soft," says one reviewer. "Lightweight, cozy warmth; perfect for this transitory time of year." They also come in 18 patterns and five sizes.

The Best Plaid Flannel Sheets That Are Just What You'd Picture

Pinzon Plaid Flannel Sheet Set, $40-$58, Amazon

If you're looking for the most traditional flannel sheets, these Pinzon plaid sheets have reviewers raving: "This set is by far my most favorite bedding set. The sheet are incredibly comfortable and warm, making them ideal for the winter season." They're made from 100 percent cotton, have a double-napped finish on either side, and come in multiple sizes and plaid designs.

Soft Flannel Sheets Made Of Turkish Cotton

Stratton Collection Extra Soft Flannel Sheet Set, $35-$50, Amazon

In addition to adorable patterns and four sizes, this Stratton sheet set is extra soft, thick, and comfortable. Reviewers also say that they're high quality despite the affordable price: "The sheets are warm, soft, and very thick! What a great winter sleep I'm having in these delightful sheets."

Deep Pocket Flannel Sheets That Are Pre-Shrunk & Come In Fun Prints

Eddie Bauer Dog Friends Flannel Sheet Set, $45-$68, Amazon

Because these flannel sheets are pre-shrunk and have extra deep pockets, they actually fit your mattress. They also come in four sizes, and reviewers say, "I love these sheets for winter! They fit our bed great and are just the right amount of warmth."

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