These Fuzzy Blankets Will Help You Snuggle Your Way Through Winter

Winter is all about making like a bear a hibernating in your little den — which, for humans, pretty much amounts to curling up on the couch and sipping hot beverages for four months straight. And nothing makes this cold-weather routine better than having one of the best fuzzy blankets in the world to wrap yourself up in: A blanket that is not only soft and cozy, but fully capable of swaddling itself around you through an entire rewatch of Game of Thrones. And yes, I mean the entire series, not just the latest season.

When arctic winds are whipping your windows and it's so cold you get cangry just walking to the mailbox, eight-hour Hulu binges become totally acceptable. However, you do need a good blanket — something that can stay folded up on the sofa for you to grab when your toes get chilly, or you when want to snuggle up next to someone special (like your cat).

Get out those holiday-themed reindeer socks your grandma bought you three winters ago, find your warmest, comfiest pair of sweat pants, and embrace the upcoming weeks of lounging around in fuzzy warm blankets and PJs, watching TV, and cozying up by the fire.


A Giant Blanket That's Perfect For Movie Night

H. Versailtex Microplush, $30-$40, Amazon

This microplush soft flannel blanket is a gigantic, oversized throw that's big enough to fit on a king-sized bed, but lightweight enough to wrap around you on the couch like a cocoon. The fuzzy, shrink-proof material is durable and also breathable. It's free of vinyl and formaldehyde with no weird odor or "new blanket" smell. It comes in ivory, camel, grey, burgundy, navy, and brown colors, and if you'd prefer something more petite, it's available in twin and queen sizes, too.


The Softest Blanket You’ll Ever Cuddle Up In

Chanasya Faux-Fur Blanket, $28-33, Amazon

This fuzzy faux-fur blanket takes advantage of Chanasya's unique ring-spun yarn technology that makes it one if the softest blankets on the planet. The blanket's lightweight, medium-warmth design is perfect for nights that are chilly, but not too chilly. It comes in twin, queen, and king, as well as twelve magnificent colors (the dark rose is stunning), making it a fantastic multi-seasonal throw you can use year-round.


A Battery-Heated Blanket Set That Creates A Glowing, Magical Wonderland

Beautyrest Heated Fleece Blanket, $70-110, Amazon

This blanket-throw combo fleece blanket set uses hand-controlled thermal heating technology to create a blissful inferno of warmth all around you. The set comes with one blanket in either twin, full, queen, and king, and one throw. The throw has a 3-setting heat controller and the blanket has a 5-setting controller, leaving tons of options, depending on the temperature outside. The blanket offers four color choices — ivory, blue, grey, tan.


A Fine-Fiber Blanket That's Great For People With Allergies

Sonoro Kate Fleece, $27-47, Amazon

This natural fleece throw blanket is woven with extremely fine, hypoallergenic fibers, making it ideal if you have sensitive skin. It's warm but not too warm, so you can use it throughout the year, even once winter is over. Lightweight, comfortable and medium-thick, it's an all-around great fuzzy blanket. It comes in ten colors and five different sizes.


A Classic Suede Blanket That's Versatile & Stylish

Spring Fever Suede Sherpa, $59, Amazon

This suede and fleece blanket is stain-resistant, wrinkle-proof, and comes in four pretty color options with fuzzy patchwork that makes it a great choice if you want something that's not only warm, but looks cute sitting on your couch, too. It's available in four different colors, feels ultra soft, and its anti-pilling properties paired with shrink resistant fabric means you can wash it over and over without it starting to look tattered. At 60-by-80 inches, it's the perfect size for popcorn and movie night.


A Camel Faux Fur Blanket That's The Shaggiest Of The Bunch

Bedsure Shaggy Camel Blanket, $20-29, Amazon

This fluffy throw blanket is made of shed-resistant fleece that's ideal if you're someone who loves a big old shaggy blanket. It comes in six colors and throw and twin sizes. The back side is all flannel fleece, offering a buttery, soft, woven feel. Best of all, it's machine-washable and shrink-resistant, so you can pop it in the laundry without fear of it coming out a completely different blanket.


A Four-In-One Combo That's Perfect For Traveling

Travelrest 4-In-1 Blanket, $30, Amazon

This Snuggie-style warm poncho blanket is designed to keep you cozy on-the-go. The lightweight, packable plush blanket also works as a neck pillow, lumbar support pillow, and standalone carry case for holding small items. It's textured around the shoulders to be no-slip, and it stays by your neck while you sleep. The blanket comes in two sizes and is everything you need to make trains, planes, and automobiles more comfortable.


A High-End ‘Cashmere Soft’ Blanket That's Ultra Luxurious

Northpoint Cashmere Velvet Throw, $17-35, Amazon

This velvety throw is made from 100 percent polyester, however, it's piled to mimic cashmere and is truly one of the softness blankets you can find. The polyester means that, although it's ultra-soft, it's machine-washable and easy to care for. It's available in two sizes and eight different color choices.

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