These 8 Genius Pet Hair Removers Are The Key To Cleaning Your Clothes & Furniture Quickly


We love our pets but not the unwanted messes they can leave behind. If your pet leaves hair everywhere, you’ll need the right cleaning tools to keep both your home and your clothes clean without a whole lot of effort. The best pet hair remover brushes for clothing or furniture come in a variety of styles from the standard two-sided lint roller to special scraping brushes that customers swear take a lot less time than a vacuum.

When choosing the best one for you, consider what you're looking to clean. For furniture, a wide reusable hair remover brush will be more efficient than a basic sticky style lint roller. However, when it comes to cleaning your clothes, look for a smaller brush that can get into the tight spots. Regularly brushing your pet can also help contain shedding to make your cleanup job easier, so I've included a cult-favorite grooming glove that removes hair and feels like petting to your fur baby.

Scroll on for the best pet hair remover brushes, which work on clothes, furniture, and more. And when you’re cleaning, it’s a smart idea to wear rubber gloves. A swipe of a dampened or dry rubber glove across your couch or upholstery can help remove pesky pet hair that won’t come off easily.


A Set Of 2 Self-Cleaning Brushes For Clothes & Furniture

The PETDOM pet hair remover brush is a top pick for pet owners. This brush has an anti-slip design on the handle for a comfortable and secure grip. It’s double-sided and reusable, and it includes a self-cleaning base. Simply swipe the brush across the surface in question, slide it into the self-cleaning base when you're done, and toss the unwanted hair in the trash. Because of its compact size, it’s ideal for clothes and small furniture or car detailing. And while it can certainly tackle a sofa, it might take a little longer than bigger brushes.

Plus, this set includes a mini travel size version that you can keep in your purse or bag to quickly remove pet hair on the go. It’s available in four different colors, too.

What fans say: “I have a small short-haired chihuahua who sheds like crazy. This product has been amazing in picking up her hair. I've used it on my couch and clothes, and it has been amazing. I love that it is sustainable as I am trying to move away from single-use plastic. The travel size has been perfect to fit in my purse and leave at work.”


The Best Pet Hair Remover For Large Furniture

For couches and other larger pieces of furniture, consider the best-selling ChomChom Roller pet hair remover. This 7.5-inch-wide gadget looks like a mini broom and has an open chamber that collects pet hair from furniture, upholstery, and more. It’s completely reusable and doesn’t rely on sticky tapes or adhesive paper. Just brush your surface with the roller to remove pet hair, dust, lint, and dander. It can also be used on clothing. However, you’ll have to apply sufficient pressure for it to work.

What fans say: “This is hands down the best, fastest pet hair removal tool I've ever used. [...] I LOVE how I can go over a lot of surface area before having to empty the chamber, like an entire couch, something that would've required three or four tape roller sheets or 10-15 mins of vacuuming.”


A Set Of Lint Brushes That Are Great For Clothes

For clothing, the Evercare Magik Brush lint brush is a good option. This lint brush is two-sided and designed with a comfort-grip handle, so it's easy to use. Unlike standard sticky adhesive lint rollers, it’s reusable and can safely clean wool peacoats and sweaters without pulling or damaging the fabric. You can clean any clothing, bedding, or upholstery with this brush. Plus, it comes in a money-saving, handy three-pack and also works for lint, fuzz, dust, and dandruff.

What fans say: “One pass of this over my wool peacoat and it removed a large marble-sized ball of lint and pills that the lint roller was never able to get off. It looks like a new coat again — no more annoying white cat hairs from visiting my cousin's house or random colored lint from other clothing. Cleanup was a breeze, as well. Simply brush your hand against the grain of the brush, and the lint comes right out with a couple of swipes.”


A Broom & Brush Set For Floors & Furniture

The rubber Evriholder FURemover pet hair broom is designed to pick up pet hair from all types of flooring, including rugs, hardwood floors, carpets, and linoleum, and it has a handle that extends from 36-inches to 60-inches to make cleaning hard-to-reach places a breeze. This set also includes a brush with a squeegee edge that's perfect for cars or around the house, too.

What fans say: “It really does such a fantastic job. I have two dogs and three cats. I would have to sweep my ceramic and hardwood floors at least three times before I felt it was close enough to be clean. But this magical broom did it in one try.”


A Pet Hair Remover Specifically Designed For Cars

If you love to take your pet with you wherever you go, you might want to consider the Dasksha car and auto detailing brush. This brush is specially designed to clean pet hair from upholstery and car interiors like your car seat, floor, and mats. Made of sturdy rubber teeth, it's designed to lift hair without causing damage to most fabrics, including suede, nylon, polyester, velvet, and vinyl.

What fans say: “I'm a dog sitter who transports a lot of dogs for our adventures. My Jeep is caked with layers of thick dog hair. I just tested the brush out, and it's AWESOME! The brush easily sweeps up the hair. I grab a clump of hair that I've swept into a corner and dump in the trash.”


A Budget Pet Hair Remover For Furniture & Computer Screens

The Gonzo Pet Hair Lifter is a budget-friendly option that can be used to clean a variety of surfaces. This pet hair remover is a reusable sponge that can lift fur from furniture, clothing, blinds, lampshades, vents, baseboards, walls, windows, and even computer screens. It’s used dry, so it doesn’t leave any residue.

What fans say: “I love this. You use it as a dry sponge, but it's a special sponge that gets pet hair up very easily.”


The Best Disposable Lint Rollers For Pet Hair

The Degbit lint rollers are a great disposable and portable option for busy pet owners. It’s an extra-sticky lint roller that'll pick up pet hair and lint from furniture, curtains, hardwood floors, and more. With this bundle, you get five refill rolls for a total of 300 sheets. The ergonomic grip handle makes it easy to hold while removing stubborn fuzz and pet hair from clothing and upholstery.

What fans say: "I was very surprised at how well these work! I have two dogs and a cat, so pet hair isn't something my house is lacking. This works very well and picks up a lot of hair!"


A Microfiber Brush That Traps Pet Hair

Necoichi's pet hair remover uses textured microfibers and an encased storage container to trap fur and lint quickly, and it features a cute design to boot. All you have to do is simply swipe the pad across the fur on upholstery, clothing, and furniture, then flip the lever back and forth to collect the unwanted pet hair.

What fans say: “I have four cats, and therefore a lot of cat fur, and this pet hair remover has saved me hours of vacuuming and laundering. It works exactly as described and is easy to use and to clean. I highly recommend it!”


Also Great: A Grooming Glove

To keep pet hair under control, you have to start with grooming, and that's where the Delomo pet grooming brush comes in handy. This grooming glove reduces your pet’s shedding so you have less to clean up. It mimics the touch of your hand, making it more soothing to pets than a traditional brush, while the grooves in the glove pick up excess hair. All of the collected hair can be easily peeled off and thrown away. The glove is one size fits most and features an adjustable wrist strap for a secure fit. You get two gloves in this set, and they’re available in either blue or red.

What fans say: “Oh, my goodness! These gloves are amazing. Having recently adopted an 18-year-old cat, we are now a four cat household, and our apartment was getting oh, so hairy. So far, three of our four cats have fallen in love with being groomed with these gloves.”

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