8 Tower Fans That Will Actually Keep You Cool

When you're in the dead middle of summer, battling a heat wave that won't quit, the only thing you'll want to do is kick up your heels, grab an ice-cold glass of lemonade, and position yourself directly in front of one of the best tower fans to keep you cool. For many of us, central air-conditioning is simply not a reality. Short of filling up buckets with ice and sticking our feet in them, we have to come up with alternative cooling solutions that will keep us comfortable enough to get through the day and night.

And that's where a tower fan with cooling capabilities comes come in. These floor fans come in a variety of shapes and sizes that can easily fit in any space and store upright in your closet when winter rears its head. Most have the ability to oscillate, which helps them deliver cold air to larger spaces, but unlike floor fans, they're stationary. Another huge benefit to owning a tower fan? Your noisy living space will seem a whole lot more peaceful because many are designed to be as quiet as possible.

But when it comes to purchasing, you’ll want to consider what features you need. Are you interested in energy-efficient tower fans that can save you money on your energy in the long run? Or is a high-velocity tower fan that’s more powerful (but costs more) the right one for you?

There are even tower fans that double as air humidifiers and purifiers — talk about investing in a multitasking necessity. These eight highly-rated tower fans will keep you cool and collected, without making a racket.


A Tall Hybrid Fan That Delivers 30 Percent More Air For Bigger Spaces

Lasko 4443 40" Hybrid Fan, $66, Amazon

If you have a large room to cool down fast, this tall, 40-inch hybrid tower fan delivers 30 percent more air flow than standard tower fans. It features widespread oscillation, a nightlight, and a remote control with three comfort settings.


A High-Tech Bladeless Tower Fan That's Safe & Quiet As A Mouse

Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 Tower Fan, $400, Amazon

Meet the tower fan of your techie dreams: not only does it not look like a typical fan, it behaves differently, as well. Expect this bladeless, high-velocity tower fan to produce a powerful cooling airflow, thanks to its Air Multiplier technology which draws in surrounding air through a unique annular aperture. Overall, it's a quiet, energy-efficient tower fan that comes with a remote control that lets you choose among 10 airflow settings.


A Thin Tower Fan With Three Independent Fans & Noise Reduction Technology

Ozeri 3x Tower Fan, $82, Amazon

This extremely thin tower fan (it's less than three inches thick) has an impressive number of features that include passive noise reduction to promote a more peaceful environment, three independently controllable fans, three fan speeds, and up to nine levels of cooling and customized airflow. You can program its 7.5-hour timer in 30-minute increments and it comes with an extended range remote control.


A Super-Sleek Tower Fan With Eight Speed Settings For Small Spaces

Honeywell HYF290B Quiet-Set 8-Speed Whole Room Tower Fan, $48, Amazon

Your idea of "cold" may be different from your partner's "lukewarm" ideal — but both of your personal cooling preferences are taken into account when you choose this sleek tower fan with cooling speeds and various sound settings to match your different preferences. It oscillates for ultimate cooling, comes with a remote control, and has a one, two, four, or eight-hour auto shut-off timer. This fan works best in areas with limited floor space and even boasts a dimming feature with five night-time lighting selections.


A Fan With A Digital Screen & An Adjustable Base

Arctic-Pro Digital Screen Oscillating Tower Fan, $70, Amazon

Depending on your cooling needs, you can attach this tower fan directly to its base or suspend it 42 inches off the ground from a pedestal. Either way, you'll reap the benefits of three quiet speed settings, 80-degree oscillation, and a remote control that you can operate from a distance.


A Fan With A Fresh Air Ionizer For Better Air Quality

Lasko Wind Curve Fan With Fresh Air Ionizer, $57, Amazon

With three quiet speeds (low, medium, and high), an easy-carry handle that lets you transport this fan from room to room, and the option to use the air ionizer function for cleaner air, this tower fan is perfect for small- and medium-sized spaces. And, because this model has an electric timer that can be set from 0.5-7.5 hours, it’s a particularly energy-efficient tower fan that will turn off by itself to conserve power. Even better, reviewers rave about how easy it is to assemble.


A Personal Tower Fan That Sits Right On Your Desk

Seville Classics Ultraslimline Oscillating Personal Tower Fan, $50 (2 Pack), Amazon

Sharing is caring when it comes to cooling off an office, but if you're flying solo, this personal tower fan with cooling capabilities provides the perfect amount of cold air comfort. It has three quiet speed settings, three timing selections (one, two, or four hours), and can be placed right on your desk or windowsill. And, while this isn’t a high-velocity tower fan like others on this list, it’s highest setting is powerful enough to deliver seriously cool air to your space. Two 17-inch towers fans come with each package.


An Adjustable Oscillating Tower Fan With Airflow Patterns That Help You Sleep Better

Ozeri Ultra 42-Inch Wind Fan, $82, Amazon

This tower fan stands out from the rest because it's able to produce more air velocity with less noise on a foot-per-minute to dB basis. In layman's terms: It will keep you crazy cool on the hottest night. And, speaking of nights, it's also equipped with three pre-programmed airflow patterns and three quiet speed settings designed to promote relaxation and better sleep.

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