These Stylish Winter Boots Will Keep Your Feet Warm & Comfy All Day Long

When winter rolls around, we all know it's important to have shoes that are warm — but what about comfort? You won't feel like walking around the city or trekking through the woods with tired, achy feet. Although the most comfortable winter shoes often range in style and shape, they generally have a few things in common:

  • Cushioned footbeds: It's important for your footbeds to cradle your feet with proper cushioning to keep them comfortable and prevent soreness. Look out for options that feature memory or EVA foam for just the right amount cushion.
  • Shock absorption: If your shoes don't have some sort of bounce or rebound, your feet will fatigue quickly. Shock absorption, which is typically found in the midsoles, makes it easier and more comfortable to walk for long periods of time.
  • Cozy liners: Not all shoe styles have liners but those that do — especially boots and loafers — will benefit from the extra softness and comfort. Whether they're made from faux fur or neoprene, soft liners add padding, reduce friction, and create an overall sense of coziness.
  • Good traction: People often forget about traction when discussing comfort but you won't feel "comfortable" if you've fallen on your butt. Given that this is a particular risk in the colder months, your winter shoes should have good traction.

On top of featuring all or most of these qualities, my picks below are warm enough to get you through some of the coldest days of the year. Read on for the most comfortable winter shoes below, so you can bundle up in style.


These Warm And Cozy Snow Boots With Special Memory Foam Insoles

What's great about them: Constructed with special memory foam footbeds, these comfortable women's snow boots feel like walking on clouds, according to one reviewer. They have supportive yet lightweight cushioning to prevent your feet from getting sore and excellent shock absorption to reduce fatigue. The tops of the boots feature a cozy faux fur that you can fold down or leave up for a versatile look.

These waterproof boots feature special technology to block out rain, wind, and snow, keeping your feet dry and toasty. Plus, the tough soles provide traction for anti-slip protection. Get this pick in your choice of black or white.

One reviewer wrote: "I needed warm, comfortable boots for my winter trip to NYC. [...] I knew I'd be doing a lot of walking so comfort was number one for me. [...] I walked 30 miles in four days in 30 degree temps and my feet never hurt, they were never cold, in fact, they were too warm. I probably didn't need my wool socks but I'd rather be too warm than cold. They turned out to be a great pair of boots!"

  • Available sizes: 6 to 11


A Pair Of Casual Suede Boots That Feel Like Slippers

What's great about them: These casual winter shoes for women boast a winning combination of warmth, comfort, and style. The sleek boots, which come in slate, chestnut, or black, feature a suede exterior that helps protect your feet from the elements, and the footbeds are well-cushioned, according to reviewers. They have tough but lightweight rubber soles that offer shock absorption, plus a flexible design that doesn't feel stiff when you walk. Best of all, they glide on like slippers. The only downside is that they aren't fully waterproof, though one fan noted that they worked great after being sprayed with a couple coatings of Scotchgard suede and nubuck protector.

One reviewer wrote: "I LOVE these boots. They are so comfortable. I read other reviews that said they were comfortable, but I didn't understand until I wore them. They are more comfortable than slippers. I've never worn moccasins, but I imagine they feel a lot like this. They just form to your feet."

  • Available sizes: 5 to 12


These Cute Slouchy Knee-Highs That Come In 15 Different Colors

What's great about them: With almost 1,000 positive reviews, these cute knee-highs rank among the best shoes for winter — and they're super comfy, too. The comfort factor comes from the soft footbeds paired with shafts that aren't too rigid, according to fans, which allows them to flex easily. On top of that, they have excellent shock absorption and padded faux fur liners that feel silky against your legs ("I cannot express how soft they are," wrote one reviewer).

These warm boots also feature rubber TPR soles with anti-slip tread, you don't have to worry about slipping and sliding. Plus, they're available in 15 colors. Despite all this, many reviewers seem to think the best part of these boots is the hidden pocket inside the right boot.

One reviewer wrote: "Love these boots!! They are super comfortable and surprisingly warm! I went snowmobiling in them and my feet never got cold once. AND The best part? The right boot has pockets for cards and chapstick or little things like that which I freaking love! I’m tempted to buy another pair in a different color :)"

  • Available sizes: 5 to 12


These Fuzzy Slip-On Boots That Come At A Budget-Friendly Price

What's great about them: On top of being unbelievably comfortable, per reviewers, these slip-on winter shoes are a breeze to take on and off thanks to the handy side zippers. They feature a simple, slipper-like design with soft footbeds and a warm, cozy fur-lined interior. With hundreds of five-star reviews on Amazon, the popular snow boots have a breathable, water-resistant exterior and grippy rubber soles. Best of all, these wallet-friendly boots come in six colors, including brown (pictured above), black, and purple.

One reviewer wrote: "I purchased these boots for our cold WI winters and was super excited to see how they would be. We had our first day of wear today at 20ish degrees in early November and they are incredibly warm and comfortable. Walked the dog, grocery shopped etc and after 6 hours of wear my feet still feel great! Highly recommended!!"

  • Available sizes: 6 to 10


A Pair Of Dressy Subzero Ankle Boots Lined With Cozy Faux Fur

What's great about them: If you're searching for warm shoes for work, look no further than these chic ankle boots with 2.5-inch heels. They're built with comfortable, removable wool-blend insoles that offer fantastic shock absorption, and they come with a bonus set of memory foam insoles to trade out. The exteriors feature water-resistant leather, while the insides are lined with warm faux fur. They have rugged, anti-slip rubber soles and full side zippers. Rated down to -5 degrees Fahrenheit, they're capable of keeping you warm and stylish even on the chilliest of days.

One reviewer wrote: "Wore them all day today at work, My feet have never been so comfortable before in any kind of boot and the 2.5 inch heel did not effect my back issues at all! I wish there was an option to give a 10 star review, finally some happy feet !!!"

  • Available sizes: 6 to 11


These Waterproof Alpine Boots With Comfy Neoprene Linings

What's great about them: These alpine ankle boots are great shoes for the winter. They're soft, warm, and comfortable, according to reviewers, not to mention exceptionally durable. On top of the cozy insulation and waterproof exterior (constructed from high-end, full-grain leather), they have comfy neoprene liners around the ankle and tongue, providing cushioning and padding while you walk. The bottoms feature well-cushioned footbeds and they have sturdy traction along with quick-lacing closures. Get this pick in classic black or a dreamy taupe.

One reviewer wrote: "These boots are amazing and the most comfortable boots I’ve ever owned, I hope they last me years."

  • Available sizes: 5 to 11


A Pair Of Comfy Dress Shoes For Winter That You Won't Freeze In

What's great about them: Whether you have a formal occasion or you just want to go out with your friends during the wintertime, these are some of the best women's dress shoes for cold weather. They have tough rubber soles with adequate traction and comfortable padded insoles. The chunky low-heel pumps look cute while still providing enough coverage to keep your toes warm — and they come in nearly a dozen colors.

One reviewer wrote: "I purchased these shoes for a winter wedding for which I was a bridesmaid. [...] I didn't have any pain, discomfort or blistering. There is slight padding inside the shoe for support and comfort, which probably aided in the comfortable experience. [...] On the wedding day, the shoes kept my toes warm during pictures in snow, which was one of my main goals. The textured bottoms also prevented me from slipping on stairs and dance floors. After eight straight hours of wearing the shoes, I didn't have any discomfort."

  • Available sizes: 5 to 11


A Set Of Versatile, Water-Resistant Athletic Shoes For Cold Weather

What's great about them: Available in four colorways, these lightweight winter sneakers make excellent all-purpose athletic shoes for hiking, running, or walking in the cold weather. They're comfortable, according to reviewers (although some did note they're a bit stiff). They perform beautifully in winter temperatures yet, due to their breathability, also work well in the heat. They're constructed with cushioned footbeds and soft membrane liners that allow air to circulate (reducing foot fatigue) and soft, shock-absorbing midsoles. The exteriors are water-resistant and they have top-grade rubber traction in the soles.

One reviewer wrote: "Received these shoes a day or two ahead of the Northeast freeze this year. I need them to walk the dog on icy sidewalks, run around town and not have wet, cold feet. THESE SHOES ARE AMAZING!! Temps at 10 degrees and my feet were so warm that I thought, I wish my other extremities could be this warm. I wore them straight out of the box and no issues. [...] Highly, highly recommend if you need to be outdoors for an extended period of time and need to have warm, dry feet. Love these shoes!!!!"

  • Available sizes: 5.5 to 10

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