The 9 Best Female Friendships In YA Books, Just In Time For Galentine's Day

By Kerri Jarema
Buena Vista Pictures

It was Leslie Knope who said it best: "What's Galentine's Day? Oh, it's only the best day of the year! Leslie would be thrilled to know how many IRL women celebrate their best friends every February 13. With the "holiday" coming up, it got us thinking about the books that depict some of our favorite strong female friendships in books. These are the friendships that have stuck with us from middle school to high school and beyond, and the ones we read only a few years ago that have become forever favorites.

These are the fictional girls and women who have shaped our own thoughts on what it means to make a lifelong connection with another woman or group of women, something that has become a benchmark in so many of our lives. The importance of seeing women supporting other women, celebrating other women, loving other women as a pre-teen, teenager and even as an adult cannot be overstated. If reading fiction teaches us empathy, surely reading fictional female friendships has taught us that the sisterhood should be a real, vibrant, and meaningful aspect of our lives. Below are some of our favorite female friendships in young adult books: some silly, some serious, some life-changing.