The 9 Best Korean Toners For Glowing Skin


Like most things in the vast universe of Korean beauty products, Korean toners are pretty much nothing like what we've come to expect from, well, typical Western toners. For starters, the main goal of the best Korean toners (which are often just called "skin") is to prep your face to better absorb the next steps in your routine — by hydrating and sloughing off dead skin cells that stand in the way. They can even minimize the appearance of pores, calm sensitive and irritated skin, and add a major boost of moisture, courtesy of ingredients like hyaluronic acid and essential oils.

Whereas most Western toners contain drying ingredients like alcohol and are only meant to get rid of dirt, oil and makeup from your skin post-cleanse — Korean toners are multitasking skin saviors that deserve their place in the sun alongside serums and moisturizers. Seriously, if you've been skipping toner all these years you're in for a major treat.

You'll use these Korean toners the same way you would a standard toner — by applying a few drops with your palms or a cotton pad — and they'll certainly do a bang-up job of cleaning pores, ridding your face of excess sebum and oils, and helping your skin maintain a healthy pH balance. But, they're also excellent stand-alone beauty potions that you may come to love as much as your favorite moisturizer.

1A Toner With Fermented Yeast Extract For More Even-Toned Skin

Missha Time Revolution Clear Toner, $18, Amazon

Keep skin clean and clear with this toner, which contains fermented yeast extract that helps exfoliate, increase skin cell turnover, and clear out pores to reveal a more radiant complexion. This refreshing toner is also rich in alpha and beta hydroxy acids, which slough off dead skin cells, brighten your skin, and lighten sunspots and post-acne marks over time.

2An Intensely Hydrating Toner That Soothes Sensitive, Red Skin

Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner, $20, Amazon

For all of those times when your sensitive skin is irritated, red, and beyond stressed out, this paraben and alcohol-free toner comes to the rescue with ingredients like lavender oil, hyaluronic acid, and beta-glucan. And, it's known to keep your skin hydrated way longer than most toners out there.

3A Toner With Collagen For A Healthier Complexion

Etude House Moistfull Collagen Skin, $14, Amazon

There's one word you'll hear over and over again in skincare: collagen. A toner rich in collagen and Baobob tree water like this one delivers a mild, gel-textured formula that improves skin's elasticity and adds optimum levels of moisture for off-the-charts glowy skin. Reviewers say it absorbs quickly and leaves skin feeling and looking super soft.

4A Flower & Fruit Extract-Rich Multitasking Cleansing Water

SON & Park Beauty Water, $22, Amazon

This multitasking cleansing water does it all: cleans and tones skin, exfoliates with willow bark and papaya extract, and adds an incredible amount of hydration, thanks to natural ingredients like rose water, lavender water, and orange fruit extract. Reviewers say it has helped improve their skin, smells amazing, and feels refreshing.

5A Toner That Gently Exfoliates With AHA & BHA

Cosrx AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner, $16, Amazon

Alpha and beta hydroxy acids are the star ingredients in this clarifying toner, which is great for all skin types, but does a stellar job at gently exfoliating dead skin and lightening dark spots on oily/combination skin. White willow extract and apple water work together to heal acne and provide skin with a light veil of moisture.

6A Green Tea Toner That's Ideal For Combination Skin

Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Skin, $14, Amazon

Eco-friendly Jeju fresh green tea and green tea seeds are the amino acid and mineral-rich main ingredients in this intensely hydrating toner, which restores pH balance and works especially well on combination skin. This is a light and refreshing water-based toner that won't feel sticky on oily skin and contains absolutely no mineral oil, parabens, or synthetic colorants.

7The Perfect Avocado Toner For Very Dry Skin

Skin Food Premium Avocado Rich Toner, $13, Amazon

If your dry, rough skin craves nourishment, feed it with a toner rich in moisturizing avocado extract, avocado oil, and ceramides that lock all of that hydration in. This toner may prove too rich for oily and combination skin (its other ingredients include goodies like shea butter and macadamia seed extract), but it's heaven for dry and sensitive skin.

8A Non-Sticky, Natural Oil-Based Toner That Hydrates All Skin Types

The Face Shop Arsainte Eco-Therapy Extreme Moisture Tonic, $17, Amazon

It doesn't matter if your have Sahara-dry skin, oily skin, or some combo of the two — this toner is loaded with essential oils and natural ingredients like bamboo water and palm oil that balance your skin's natural oils and leave it silky smooth. Reviewers say this toner makes skin look radiant and healthy and that it's never sticky. Be sure to shake the bottle before every use.

9A Ceramide-Infused Toner That Traps In Moisture

Mizon Intensive Skin Barrier Toner, $14, Amazon

One of the best ways to ensure your skin glows is by using a toner infused with ceramides, which actually create a barrier that helps trap moisture on your skin. This mild formula, perfect for sensitive skin types, also strengthens skin and contains small molecules of hyaluronic acid that absorbs more effectively into skin so that you can be sure the hydrating and plumping ingredients are penetrating deep.

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