9 Comfy Neck Pillows That'll Help You Catch Some Mid-Flight Zzz's

Taking a nap should be easy. But if you're traveling, a quick snooze can result in neck pain and a general feeling of crappiness if you don't have a good neck pillow for support. Thankfully, the best neck pillows prove the support you need to finally catch some Zzz's on a plane without any problems.

You've probably seen the classic U-shaped neck pillow by now. Though they work fine, there are some advancements to that classic travel pillow that make sleeping much easier. Look for one made from memory foam for the most comfortable flight — these conform to the shape of your body, so your face is gently cradled instead of smashed on to the pillow.

If you want to go beyond the classic U-shape, try some of the more unusual travel products. One pillow looks like a giant infinity scarf, but it gives you support for your face and a place to keep your hands and arms warm. Or try a J-shaped pillow that's specially designed for window seats. Just lay it against the window and your neck and chin will be perfectly supported by the weird but genius design.

Next time you travel, don't forget to bring along one of these amazing neck pillows. You'll sleep like a baby, even on the most crowded flight.


A Washable Pillow That Gives You Double The Support

Daisy Pillow, $34, Amazon

This pillow goes way beyond just neck support. The double cushion design holds your head, neck, chin, and face in alignment — so you get the most comfortable sleep possible. You don't need to lean against anything, this pillow holds you up on its own. Plus, the soft plush fabric is machine washable and feels great against your skin.


A Pillow That Lets You Block Everything Out

KINDEN Travel Neck Pillow with Hood, $20, Amazon

Give yourself some privacy as you sleep with this hoodie pillow. Attach the soft velour hood to cover your eyes and block out the light for better sleep, while the memory foam pillow gives your neck proper support. The oversized hood will fit pretty much everyone and the whole thing comes with its own carrying bag to save room in your luggage.


A Pillow That Inflates At The Push Of A Button

Purefly Soft Velvet Inflatable Travel Pillow, $15, Amazon

Named invention of the year in 2014, this inflatable travel pillow will put your neck at ease. Press the button to inflate the pillow to your desired firmness. The pillow itself provides raised neck support that keeps your head and neck in alignment for better comfort. The cover is machine washable and the whole thing comes with a handy carrying bag.


A Pillow That Provides Extra Chin Support

BCOZZY Chin Supporting Travel Pillow, $30, Amazon

If you've ever woken from a nap with your mouth embarrassingly agape, this pillow will stop that from ever happening again. One of the only pillows to stop your head from falling forward, this comfy wrap supports your head and neck while you sleep. You can twist it as loose or tight as you like and it's easy to carry with its built-in handle.


A Unique Blowup Pillow That Gives You Cross Body Support

Travelrest Ultimate Travel Pillow, $28, Amazon

This pillow is the only one around that provides full lateral support. It keeps your neck at a comfortable, ergonomic angle and stops your chin from falling forward. Super small when deflated, it blows up with just a few breaths. Made to fit over airline or car seats, the pillow stays in place no matter how long you nap.


A Pillow That People Loved On Kickstarter

Huzi Infinity Pillow, $39, Amazon

Though it looks like a giant infinity scarf, this innovative product gives you lots of pillow options. Wear it around your neck to wrap yourself in softness or ball it up for a makeshift pillow on the go. The bamboo fabric is softer than cotton and extremely breathable while the microfiber filling easily bends to give you a variety of pillow shapes. Machine washable and Kickstarter-approved, this is one of the coziest pillows around.


A Travel Gem That's Four Pillows In One

The Original Flexi Convertible Travel Pillow, $16, Amazon

This pillow can pretty much do anything. It's good for neck, lumbar, chin, and head support, all depending on how you use it. Fully adjustable, you can flex it any which way and the micro bead filling conforms to your body. With a ten-year guarantee, this pillow will be used for many trips to come.


A Uniquely-Shaped Pillow That's Ideal For Window Seats

J-Pillow Travel Pillow, $25, Amazon

This J-shaped pillow was impressive enough to be named British Invention of the Year in 2013 and has over 6,000 glowing reviews on Amazon. Ideal for window seats, this pillow supports the side of your head and chin to keep your neck in alignment. Super portable, just snap it to the handle of your luggage and carry it around hands-free. Plus, you can throw the whole thing, not just the cover, in the wash for a good clean.


A Pillow Made With Materials Designed By NASA

Travelrest Therapeutic Memory Foam Neck Pillow, $11, Amazon

Made from NASA designed thermo sensitive memory foam, this pillow will conform to your unique shape for ultimate support. The adjustable drawstring lets you get just the right fit and the microfiber plush lining feels incredibly soft. Use the carrying strap to take it with you, then pop the outer lining in the wash to keep everything clean.

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