The 9 Saddest Obama Quotes About Handing The White House Keys To Donald Trump

President Obama has tried to convince the country that Donald Trump's presidency is not the end of democracy — just a bit of a zigzag on the path to progress. "Now, everybody is sad when their side loses an election, but the day after we have to remember that we’re actually all on one team," he said after Trump won. But is that how he really feels? These are the saddest Obama quotes about Trump taking the White House, which might tell a different story.

In an interview with Rolling Stone's Jann Wenner, Obama tried again to put on a brave face, despite the White House having the same atmosphere as a funeral during the interview. "I don't feel dismayed, because, number one, I couldn't be prouder of the work that we've done over the last eight years," Obama said. "When I turn over the keys to the federal government to the next president of the United States, I can say without any equivocation that the country is a lot better off: The economy is stronger, the federal government works better, and our standing in the world is higher." That's all true, but there are feelings there, too.

These nine quotes about Obama handing the White House keys over to Donald Trump are some of his saddest revelations yet.


From the same Rolling Stone piece, Obama opened up about being bummed out:


And he fessed up to Wenner about the negative things that could happen — some of which we're already seeing:

3From Which You Can't Recover

Speaking to David Remnick of The New Yorker, he compared his loss in the New Hampshire primary to Clinton's now — perhaps because it's his only big loss. But then he spelled out the difference between the two:

4What Policies Could Go

He also told Remnick the biggest worry policy-wise:

5What To Watch

When speaking with Ta-Nehisi Coates for The Atlantic, Obama addressed what citizens need to be vigilant of:

6The Zigzag Of Progress

Essentially, this is one of those temporary setbacks, as he also told Coates:

7If It Were Her

Back with Remnick, Obama made it clear how much harder Trump's win is on him and his team going forward:

8How This Happened

He also told Remnick about how he had explained the election to his daughters — including some of the more upsetting rhetoric from Trump. Here's how this can happen:

9Slogging Through

With Wenner he seemed to see a reason to continue. He explained his attempts at motivating his younger staff to continue their work. It can be something you use to get through this, too:

Through these quotes you see the less optimistic side of Obama. There's still no negativity about the future, but there's also a sense of loss of what could have been.

Those are some emotions we have all been feeling.