The 9 Weirdest Things That Ever Happened On 'The Magic School Bus'

In elementary school, my teacher rolled out the box TV set and VHS player and this was always a treat for everyone in the classroom. That's because we knew the teacher was about to play The Magic Schoolbus. In hindsight, the show was educational but Magic Schoolbus had some of the weirdest scenes that I can remember ever watching as a child. At that time, life was a breeze and we could laugh and learn something along the way. We weren't interested in analyzing why we were watching kid-filled salmon eggs, shrink-guns, and kids rolling up in a schoolbus and underneath a bandaid. We just knew Carlos had jokes, there was a lesson tucked away and Ms. Frizzle was about to take us on a mystical adventure.

Maybe this was just to hold our attention as kids and it was able to do just that, but some of the scenes left us to wonder what the writers were truly thinking. How many subliminal messages or kooky scenes went right over our head and which of those had a deeper meaning? I wanted to revisit the show just to shed light on those classic Magic Schoolbus 'learning' moments. Let's just dive right in.

1. That Time Ms. Frizzle Had Her Eyes Closed While Driving A Bus Full Of Kids


Nothing good can come out of this. Ms. Frizzle had a thirst for adventure, but this was just irresponsible.

2. When Arnold Freezes Himself To Prove A Point


No one told Arnold to take his helmut off, but he insisted causing his head to turn into solid ice and the rest of his classmates to frantically help to revive him.

3. When A Fish, Um, Relieved Itself On All Of The Students


This is the episode where all of the kids were fish eggs and a fish proceeded to, ahem, relieve itself all over them. What exactly is happening here?

4. When Phoebe Kind Of Made A Drug Reference


Looking back, we can see this line wasn't so innocent, now was it?

5. When Everyone Was A Bee.


There was something super strange about seeing everyone in the class turn into bees with their normal human head intact.

6. When Everyone Took A Trip Inside Arnold's Digestive Tract


No one was ready to see what goes on inside of Arnold. Also, was all this imagery necessary? This scene was the 'butt' of many jokes to come. I bet you saw that one coming.

7. Phoebe Makes Everyone Miniature


Shrink rays were just part of a typical day at school for this group and they were all encouraged to use it.

8. Liz Get Offended By A Peeping Arnold


Can a girl get some privacy?

9. Ms. Frizzle Always Had An Animated Ensemble


Ms. Frizzle took themed pencil earrings to the next level but how on earth did she have so many outfits?

We can really thank the Frizz for keeping our classrooms interesting and thank goodness we never had to overthink any of it.