This Is How Far People In Missouri Will Have To Drive If Planned Parenthood Closes

Elijah Nouvelage/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The last clinic to offer abortions in Missouri could close by the end of the week if the state doesn't renew its license. That means people living in Missouri could end up having to travel out of state for access to a legal and safe abortion. The problem is, making that trip isn't always so simple. The abortion clinics near Missouri if Planned Parenthood closes are hundreds of miles away in some cases.

In response to this situation, Planned Parenthood has filed a restraining order against the state, according to CBS, in hopes that it'll restore the clinic's license to perform abortions. A judge will review this request on Wednesday.

Dr. Leana Wen, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, said in a statement responding to the situation, “This is not a drill. This is not a warning. This is real and it’s a public health crisis.”

If abortion services at the clinic do cease on Friday, then Missouri will become the first state to offer no abortion care at all. Though abortions are still offered in other states, having to travel for the procedure could require a person to take time off work, potentially pay for a hotel room, and cover transportation costs, in addition to other expenses. On top of paying for the procedure itself, these added costs can make traveling for an abortion especially difficult for low-income people.

For those wondering just what type of burden people in Missouri will face without a single abortion clinic, here's how far they might have to travel to reach a clinic:

Center for Women's Health, Kansas

Center for Women's Health is located in Overland Park, Kansas, just a few miles from the western Missouri border. There's also Trust Women Wichita, a women's health clinic in Wichita, Kansas, which is about 150 miles from the Missouri border.

Hope Clinic For Women, Illinois

The Hope Clinic for Women is located in Granite City, Illinois, right over the Missouri-Illinois border. Those living on the eastern side of Missouri will be able to reach the clinic just a few miles past the Missouri border. Per the site, the clinic is located about 10 minutes from downtown St. Louis, Missouri.

Emma Goldman Clinic, Iowa

The Emma Goldman Clinic located in Iowa City, Iowa is approximately 90 miles from the northern Missouri border. The clinic's motto is "a feminist approach to health care."

Tulsa Women's Clinic, Oklahoma

The Tulsa Women's Clinic is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. A Planned Parenthood Midtown Health Center is also located in Tulsa; both clinics offer abortions, and are about 90 miles away from the southwest corner of the Missouri border.

Little Rock Family Planning Services, Arkansas

If you live near the southern border of Missouri, Little Rock Family Planning Services might be one of the closest abortion providers to where you live. Located in Little Rock, Arkansas, the clinic is about 185 miles from the Missouri border.

If you're upset about the potential loss of the last abortion provider in Missouri, then there are a number of things you can do to support the abortion rights movement. You can text NOBANS to 22422 to get connected to local protests and rallies in your area, and can also contact your congressional representatives in D.C. and tell them you support the Women's Health Protection Act, which is a proposed federal bill to protect abortion access. And if you live near Missouri, you can attend a rally on Thursday, May 30, in Downtown St. Louis to protest the potential loss of abortion access in the state.