Get Ready, 'AHS: Apocalypse' Fans: The "Return To Murder House" Episode Will Be Extra Long

Michael Buckner/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Get ready for some ghosts of American Horror Story past to come back from the dead in a big way. The AHS: Apocalypse "Return To Murder House" episode, airing on Wednesday, Oct. 17, will run on FX for 1 hour and 18 minutes (or just more than 55 minutes, minus commercials), according to TheWrap. With Season 1 favorites, like Jessica Lange's Constance Langdon and Ben and Vivien Harmon (played by Dylan McDermott and Connie Britton, respectively) set to make their triumphant AHS returns, even that extended running time will surely not feel long enough for fans.

In what has long been billed as a Coven and Murder House crossover, Apocalypse is finally making good on the promise of the latter in Episode 6, which is aptly titled “Return to Murder House.” As seen in FX's preview trailer for the Sarah Paulson-directed installment, Madison Montgomery (Emma Roberts) and warlock Behold Chablis (Billy Porter) purchase the infamous Murder House to find a way to defeat Michael Langdon (played by Cody Fern). "The spirits do not want to be seen by us," the warlock tells Madison in the teaser. "If we want to talk to them, we have to force them out of hiding."

There's no mistaking the voice of one ghost who asks sternly, "Who do you think you are?" as she descends a staircase, cigarette in hand. Snaps back Madison: "We're the new owners. Who are you?" This is a matchup fans have surely been dying to see.

What the resurrected witch is surely about to find out is that this woman is none other than Constance Langdon, grandmother to the demonic Michael. As fans recall, Murder House's season finale hinted that Constance was set to raise Michael — the offspring that resulted from ghost-teen Tate (Evan Peters) raping Vivien Harmon — as her own. Since it would appear that Constance is now dead and Michael is now grown and set on destroying the world, its safe to say fans will finally learn what went down in his formative years.

As previously teased in photos on social media, the Harmons (plus Taissa Farmiga's Violet) and Tate will also be back to scare up some nostalgia in the new episode. McDermott's Apocalypse set photo with Peters that he posted to Instagram in August looked like it very well could have been taken back in 2011 when Murder House launched the FX anthology series. Co-creator Ryan Murphy further blew fans minds by sharing behind-the-scenes looks at both McDermott and Britton's AHS return and Lange's reunion with Paulson.

Honestly, it would be difficult to imagine this season without the legendary Lange. Aside from being a prominent — and Emmy-winning — fixture of AHS' first four seasons, she starred in both Murder House and Coven, before taking her final bow in 2015 after Freak Show. Her absence has certainly been felt in all of the subsequent AHS installments, and so fans were naturally ecstatic when Paulson revealed Lange would return this season in August, as reported at the time by TVLine.

"I had such a great time doing it the first year, when they approached me to do it again I thought, 'well okay, maybe we can do it season to season,'" Lange explained to Deadline when announcing her departure from the anthology series in 2015. "Instead, I agreed to do three more seasons. And that was fine because I’ve had just such a great time doing it. I have no regrets or second thoughts about that decision. But there’s always an end to everything."

Luckily that wasn't the end for Lange. As fans gear up for the next episode of Apocalypse, it's clear that it might've felt like the end of the world without her after all.