'Drag Race' Just Hilariously Spoofed The 'Real Housewives' & College Admissions Scandal

Before doling out their best celebrity impersonations during the upcoming Snatch Game, the Drag Race: All Stars queens got their own taste of the paparazzi during Friday night's TMZ-themed improv challenge, "SheMZ." In teams of two (and one of three), they each spoofed a pop culture moment that was once plastered in the tabloids, and in between takes, posed as newsroom bros regaling "Kressley Carson" with the latest tea in Hollywood. Here's the breakdown.

Shea Couleé & Alexis Mateo Were "Fake Housewives Of Tuck-a-ho"

In a portrayal not unlike their own All Stars relationship, Shea and Alexis played frenemies heading out on a lunch date. When SheMZ showed up and asked Alexis if she was kicked off Fake Housewives for being "too trashy," she stood up to reveal that she was "pregnant," after which Shea stood and revealed the same news. They erupted into a bickering match, pulled pillows from each other's dresses, and well...SheMZ caught it all on camera.

Jujubee, Blair St. Clair, & Miz Cracker Spoofed The 2019 College Admissions Scandal

Jujubee just wanted her daughter Blair to get into Drag U, but she got into jail instead. The queens were arrested for being part of a bribery ring allegedly headed by Miz Cracker, who denied any involvement to SheMz — even after Jujubee revealed Blair's application with a picture of her face edited onto Laganja Estranja's body. "All this proves is that I taught her the key elements of drag," Cracker said. "Charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and also photoshop."

India Ferrah Revealed A Secret Habit

The big news here wasn't that India stole nearly all of the inventory from Mayhem's store and denied it to SheMZ. The news was that, in the midst of her denial, she confessed to being a "licker," pulled out a donut, and went to town a la Ariana Grande. Mayhem then revealed that she, too, was a "licker" and joined in.

Each of the stories were comparably salacious, but in the end, it was Cracker's performance that landed a win. Now where is the real SheMZ and how can I subscribe?