These Brave Souls Signed Up For 'Alone' Season 4

by Kayla Hawkins
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History's Alone is returning for a fourth season, and in my humble opinion, there's nothing more fun than watching other people suffer on reality TV while on the couch with a snack within reach. The masochists that make up the Alone Season 4 cast, however, would much rather spend their time fighting against the elements in some of the most remote settings on Earth (this season, it's Vancouver Island in the Pacific Ocean) in hopes of lasting the longest and winning a $500,000 prize. That's a hefty amount of cash, but the cast is expected to do quite a bit. In addition to lasting longer than the rest of their castmates, the Alone competitors film themselves, so there's no camera crew with them out in the wilderness.

However, this season will be a little different, because instead of operating in true solitude, the contestants will be working in pairs. Still no camera crew or producers in sight, but, for once, they won't really be "alone." But, even so, this is a show that calls its cast members "survivors." You do not want to sign up for Alone unless you have some serious experience living and working in some extreme conditions, and know how to do everything from build a fire to forage for food.

These 14 contenders think that they're ready. Here's a primer, so you can keep track of this upcoming season's survivalists.

Jim & Ted Baird

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Relationship: Brothers

Background: Jim's hiked near the Arctic Circle; Ted's canoed through thousands of miles of Canada's roughest waterways. Both grew up with a strong love of the outdoors and learned survivalist skills like hunting and fishing at a young age.

More From The Bairds: Jim's Arctic adventure

Jesse & Shannon Bosdell

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Relationship: Brothers

Background: Jesse is a veteran who sharpened his skills working with the Green Berets; Shannon works as an Alaskan fisherman. Growing up, they hunted to help feed their large family in Central Maine.

More From The Bosdells: Here's some background on Jesse's post-service life.

Pete & Sam Brockdorff

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Relationship: Father and son

Background: Pete's father taught him skills like trapping and bow hunting; Sam has lived in the Rocky Mountains using the same knowledge Pete passed down to him. Both have degrees in scientific fields and have studied "primative skills."

More From The Brockdorffs: Sam's Facebook page has a few public posts of his impressive fishing catches.

Alex & Logan Ribar

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Relationship: Father & Son

Background: Alex is a veteran and "self reliant woodsman" who grew up in the forests of Maine; Logan followed in his father's footsteps and has a particular interest in tracking animals. Both are avid campers and aspiring wilderness guides.

More From The Ribars: Logan has a Facebook page, but this duo isn't into publicly sharing much.

Brad & Josh Richardson

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Relationship: Brothers

Background: Brad credits the Boy Scouts for prompting him to become fascinated with bushcraft; Josh is a primitive survivalist. They co-own a blacksmithing business and make how-to videos on the side.

More From The Richardsons: Bushcraft camping videos.

Brooke & Dave Whipple

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Relationship: Husband and wife

Background: Brooke has lived across North America working as a guide and teacher as well as an award-winning blueberry pie baker; Dave built their family home from scratch and when he leaves the "homestead" is in a band called the Atomic Honkies. They've been married for 18 years and have two children.

More From The Whipples: Dave's YouTube channel.

Brody & Chris Wilkes

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Relationship: Brothers

Background: Brody is a hunter who sustains his family with his skills; Chris is a therapist who has worked with populations displaced by natural disasters in the American South.

More From The Wilkes: Chris' doctoral background, if by chance you're looking for a therapist in Mississippi.

Who will last the longest out in the wild? Alone Season 4 is lining up some stiff competition.