The 'Alone' Season 5 Cast Is Getting A Second Chance At Redemption

Patrick Fallon/HISTORY

Alone gives everyone a chance to see what it's like to try to survive in the wilderness for weeks on end, even if you're like me and would certainly give up after the first drop of rain. In its fifth season, the History Channel reality show welcomes back 10 former cast members who are looking to take home the grand prize once and for all. The Alone Season 5 cast is a group of heavy hitters who could all realistically thrive isolated from the world for any amount of time, but only time will tell who will be the last survivalist standing.

The show's premise is simple but unforgiving. Each cast member must survive as long as they can — the catch is that they're in a remote, wild environment, without any human interaction and with just a few supplies at their disposal. They film their journeys on cameras they operate themselves — not even a hands-off camera crew is around for support. According to the History Channel's website, Season 5 of Alone is set in Mongolia, adding another brutal habitat to the ranks of past seasons' locations, like Vancouver Island and Argentina. Below, check out each participant and how they might come out on top.