This Is The One App You Need To Download, Based On Your Myers-Briggs Type

by Alli Hoff Kosik

Look at the home screen of any phone or tablet, and you can learn a lot about its owner. Scrolling through the apps they've downloaded can give you a window into what their priorities are and how they spend their time. Yes, you might learn that they log a lot of hours playing Bejeweled or filtering their photos on Instagram — but you can also learn bigger, more important things too. And since you can also learn a lot about someone based on their Myers-Briggs personality type, there's a definite connection between the one phone app you need to download, and your Myers-Briggs type.

I did some reading about the 16 Myers-Briggs types (those four letters determine a lot about the kind of person you are!) and some App store hunting to assemble this list of app recommendations according to type. I have a feeling that the app suggested for your type is going to fulfill some major needs in your work or personal life (if it hasn't already) — maybe even some needs you didn't know you had. I'm beginning to wonder if we can ever know ourselves as well as Myers-Briggs or our smartphones do. Hey, maybe these apps will help us find out.


ISTJ, the value you place on consistency, thoroughness, and focus means that Todoist was pretty much built for you. This productivity app helps you keep track of everything that's on your plate in a single platform, which should appeal to your logical sensibility, while also eliminating the distractions that come with managing alerts and notifications on multiple apps. It also integrates with other useful apps like Dropbox and Slack and tracks your project on daily and weekly tasks.


Beyond their meticulousness, ISFJs are set apart from the crowd because of their loyalty to and consideration for other people. The Remember app addresses both your love for being thorough and your love for people by giving you one spot to collect everything you know about everyone you meet. You can log the basics (contact information, social media handles, conversational details) in the app, but you can also go a step further by using Remember to keep track of places you've visited with each of your contacts and to remind yourself to follow up with them after a certain period of time.


ChoiceMap asks you what you value and care about, then helps you use that information to compare different options and to guide you in the process of making big decisions. This is perfect for the values-driven INFJ, who is especially interested in staying committed to convictions and in making confident choices.


Mind mapping is a great tool for the INTJ, who's great at coming up with original ideas and looking at things based on patterns and connection. Simple Mind takes that strategy to your phone so you can use it for everything from a big project at work to planning your next vacation.


ISTPs tend to be fairly analytical, and they like to get to the root of problems using the principles of cause and effect. If you're an ISTP, Moodnotes may be a great tool for helping you track cause and effect in your own life so you can be more efficient in the future (P.S. you probably also love efficiency). The app prompts you to track your moods and thinking habits in various situations so you can better optimize your time.


As far as apps goes, this one is a little counterintuitive — but ISFPs, I think you're really going to like it. Moment helps you track how much time you're spending getting lost on social media and other arguably mindless platforms. From there, it guides you to adjust your screen time habits so you're spending more time living in the moment, which ISFPs really dig.


The premise of mi:nu:ti:ae is that we don't spend enough time capturing the mundane moments of our daily lives, and if I understand you at all, INFP, that's probably a concept you can get behind. This app will appeal to your curious, creative nature, and the fact that it doesn't rely on likes or comments should also make you pretty happy.


INTPs are notable for their love of the theoretical and abstract and their passion for ideas. In the Pocket app, you can save articles, videos, and links for reading later on (across platforms!) and discover content that you may not have found otherwise. Basically, it's a million ideas in one handy place.


Social, active, energetic ESTPs everywhere will unite over their love for citysocializer, an app that helps people make local connections based on upcoming events and activities. Nightmare scenarios for ESTPs? Having nothing to do, no one to do it with, or — possibly worse — spending time with people when they have nothing in common. Citysocializer addresses all of those issues!


No one thinks their inbox is fun, and ESFPs are all about making work fun. HipChat is built to simplify communication among teams and groups. This tool should make your little ESFP heart very happy, and since you're super outgoing and friendly, you'll have everyone you know on board before you know it.


Like ENFPs, Springpop thrives on positivity. Download the app and you'll find yourself flooded with motivational quotes, upbeat articles, and "Happy Notes," which can be sent between users within the platform.


ENTPs prefer when no two days look alike, and they love learning new things, so the TED app is a great addition to any ENTP library. It gives you access to more than 2,000 free videos so there's always something cool to check out if you're bored — and in surprise mode, the app will create a playlist for you based on how you're feeling!


If you ask me, pretty much everyone can benefit from having the Google Drive app on all of their devices, but I think it would be especially useful for ESTJ types, who thrive on clear communication and organization. Google Drive makes it really easy to get on the same page with other people about projects and events both personally and professionally.


Warmhearted, conscientious ESFJs are the perfect candidates for keeping a gratitude journal, so why not do it from your phone? The Gratitude Journal app gives you all the necessary tools for tracking the positive things that happen over the course of your life and gives you motivational advice along the way (plus, Oprah loves it).


Based on your Myers-Briggs type, you love bringing people together, making introductions, and being the person in any group that inspires others to try new things and get out there! If this sounds familiar, you may want to add Eventbrite to your repertoire. It will help you track down awesome events and activities so you can facilitate all the fun for your entire social network.


If you love setting goals as much as most ENTJs do, you're bound to love Strides even more. Within this app, you can track all of your goals and habits — big and small — in one place. And if I know you like I think I know you, ENTJ, the systematic, big-picture philosophy behind this platform is going to earn a thumbs up from you.