The 2018 'Apprentice' Winner Has Just Launched The Swimwear Range Of Your Dreams

Stephen Coke/Shutterstock

Can you believe The Apprentice ended just 10 weeks ago? The champion of the most recent series can't quite believe it either, but she hasn't been resting easy at home. Instead, she has been busy at work with the help of her new celebrity mentor. Now, The Apprentice winner Sian Gabbidon's swimwear line is finally being released into the world.

Gabbidon won the 2018 series with her pitch for a swimwear range that would give women the chance to feel empowered and customise their look. The Tropical Goddess collection which is modelled by Love Island's Hayley Hughes — does just that. Full of hand-drawn floral prints and vibrant shades, the line features reversible designs, allowing you to get two for the price of one. Prices start from £45 for a bikini and go up to £65 for a cover-up gown.

Gabbidon gained many fans towards the end of her time on The Apprentice especially after admitting that someone had once told her she couldn't build a brand if she lived in Leeds. The entrepreneur — who received a £250,000 investment and Lord Sugar as her business partner — has proven that individual wrong, launching her line from the place where she grew up.

"I want to be in Leeds because that’s where my heart is, but also it makes sense to be here," she told the Yorkshire Evening Post. "We don’t need to be anywhere else. It’s all online, and if I need to be in London, I can jump on the train."

Gabbidon first launched her Sian Marie business in 2015, after graduating from the University of Huddersfield with a degree in fashion design with marketing and production, reports the Yorkshire Evening Post. Over the years, she has gained celebrity fans, including several Love Island and TOWIE names.

Her ultimate goal, however, is to go global by targeting one of America's most famous reality TV families. "Realistically, looking at social media and followings, you have to look at people like the Kardashians," she told the Daily Mail. "Whether you love them or hate them, they’re powerful. I think I’ll crack the UK first and the possibilities are endless really. USA, Brazil, places like that."

While many brands pay stars to wear and promote their designs, Gabbidon told the paper she has never gone down that route, hoping that famous faces will like and choose to wear her swimwear.

In the future, she is also looking to make her brand even more inclusive. She explained to the Daily Mail that she knows what it's like to struggle to find swimwear that fits you, adding to the Yorkshire Evening Post that seeing styles on different shapes and sizes "is a big focus. We want to empower all females. We don’t want to be singled out as only for slim girls." (Currently, her designs are available in a UK size 6 to 16.)

As for Lord Sugar? Well, Gabbidon is still very much a fan. "He’s been great at advising on what I need to focus on," she added to the Yorkshire Evening Post. "Things like, be instinctive, it needs to stand out, it needs something to make it its own, because there is a lot of competition in the market."

With her business savvy, she's sure to come out on top.