So That Audi Super Bowl Commercial Escalated Quickly... And Now There's A GoFundMe?!

There's already an unexpected champion of Super Bowl 2019, and no, it's not Tom Brady or even Adam Levine. It's the Cashew Guy from the Audi Super Bowl commercial. And he's already garnering the support of Twitter and one unlikely football viewer: Mr. Peanut. Yes, apparently Mr. Peanut, of Planter's Peanuts, has started a Go Fund Me for the guy who starred in the Audi commercial. In case you missed it, the commercial features a man who appears out of nowhere in an idyllic field. He spots his grandfather sitting on the stoop of a country house, they hug, and the old man tells the young guy, "Welcome home."

He takes the young guy to a barn where he reveals a brand new Audi and everything seems perfect — until the guy wakes up in an office with a coworker giving him the Heimlich. He was choking on a cashew at his desk and almost made it into heaven. Get it? It's cute, and all the funnier because the guy seems legitimately upset that he was brought back from the brink of his cashew death and not in his brand new Audi.

Mr. Peanut felt for the guy, too. Just after the commercial aired, a petition popped up to help get the Cashew Guy his own Audi.

The petition reads:

If that cashew restricting his airway couldn't get him Audi E-Tron surely the internet can. I've started this GoFundMe to help Cashew Guy get that E-Tron he so desperately deserves. Can't you chip in a few peanuts...er cashews to help?

The Go Fund Me description continues, "This 103-year-old nut knows a real #CrunchTime when he sees it and THIS is it. You may have noticed that Audi ran a big game ad featuring a poor guy choking on a cashew. Not only am I appalled that he had to choke, he didn't even get the car. But I'm here to help." There is also, it's important to note, a disclaimer reading that, "Planters is not affiliated with Audi and does not have a partnership with Audi. But it is a cool car, and the guy deserves one."

Just in case you were wondering whether it was Planters for real or some random person who started the campaign — it is the internet, after all —  it's definitely Planters. Mr. Peanut, the creator the Go Fund Me, tossed in $5,000 and there are two other small donations, coming to a total of $5,010 of the $80,000 goal to get that man a car. And the company tweeted about it, too, writing, "we got your back Cashew Guy."

Hilariously, Mr. Peanut was all over Twitter throughout the game. Planters had a Super Bowl commercial of its own and the brand was interacting with fans through giveaways and prizes, and even conversing with Pringles, another delicious football snack. Between the live-tweeting of the big game, the strong GIF game, and the Go Fund Me for Audi's Cashew Guy, Mr. Peanut was the real MVP of the 2019 Super Bowl.