'The Bachelor' Finale Memes About Santa, Nick's Family, And "Historic" Announcements Sum Up The Series End Perfectly

Michael Yada/ABC

For Bachelor fans, Monday night comes with a lot of mixed feelings. It's a major bummer that Nick Viall's season is officially coming to an end, but it also means that all those questions I have about who he ends up with and what's happening next will finally be answered. And as with most Bach finales, there's also a lot to laugh at — whether it's intentional or not. There are so many good Bachelor finale memes that have taken Nick's final rose ceremony to the next level, and I forget how anyone ever watched this show without them.

I've always loved tweeting along with The Bachelor and it's various spinoffs; sharing my thoughts on the show and hearing what other people have to say adds so much to the experience. Whether Bach fans are adding commentary on Raven and Vanessa meeting Nick's fam, making snarky remarks about how emotional and dramatic things tend to get, or complaining about the proposal itself, I just can't get enough. What else do you do on Bachelor night besides refresh Twitter every five minutes?

Here are some of the best memes to come out of Nick's Bachelor finale. People of the internet, I thank you.

Nick's Dad Is Super Done

You know he's gotta be tired of having to make small talk with these strange women on camera.

Looking Back At His Bachelorette Past

I can barely even remember when this was the Nick we all knew and loved (well, some of us loved).

Poor, Poor Bella

You know this girl is even more done than her dad is.

When Even Santa Thought Three Hours Was A Little Long

Same, dude.

Nick Very Obviously Has A Type

Now that they're all put side by side, you have to admit they all could be related.

This Moment Of Foreshadowing

I mean, he does look like mirror ball trophy is in his sights.

That Exit Line From Raven, Though

I looked exactly like Drake (but at home on my couch) when that moment happened. Raven, you're officially my new favorite.

What a finale, huh? It's been a ride, Bachelor Nation. Nicole out.