The 'Bachelor In Paradise' Men Need To Get It The Eff Together

by Alaina Urquhart-White
Paul Hebert/ABC

Man, this has been a really tough season of Bachelor In Paradise to watch — and I'm not even talking about the production shut down. Not only is there a lack of couples to root for, but it's becoming less hilarious and more tiresome to tune in to because of one major reason. The men of Bachelor In Paradise Season 4 are acting super immature. And this rude behavior is the topic of this week's installment of Bustle's Bachelor podcast, Will You Accept This Podcast?.

Bustle Senior Entertainment Editor Kelsea Stahler and Romper Senior News & Entertainment Editor Allison Piwowarski got right into the most problematic behavior that has been happening in Paradise this season. Starting with Matt, Allison and Kelsea were very concerned with the way he handled the whole Jasmine and Christen situation. Instead of just telling Jasmine he wasn't that interested in her, he started a ridiculous fight between the two women and then hid while everything blew up around him. Kelsea said it best when she commented about his ghosting behavior, "Men of the world disappearing instead of confronting romantic turmoil or someone you don't want to date anymore — it's worse."

But, it's not just Matt who has been super annoying. Let's never forget when Robby compared Dean choosing between Danielle L. and Kristina to test driving cars. Both hosts agreed that it was "such a bro thing" to say. Although they also acknowledged that "test driving the car" is a metaphor that is used often by a lot of people, Robby "sat in that metaphor way too long," and treated the women involved as objects that Dean was "playing around with," which is where it became gross.

Speaking of Dean, he has had quite a fall from fan graces recently, and he really disappointed this week. Allison brought up the recent comment that he made to Danielle L. where he literally said, "I wasn't expecting you to be as interesting as you are," and this is where both hosts agreed that the women need to realize that they deserve better than these guys that they have been put in Mexico with. Dean has truly become such a problematic guy with the stuff that comes out of his mouth in reference to Danielle and Kristina, and it is so upsetting.

Paul Hebert/ABC

Then there is Daniel. His "jokes" included things like when he said that the last time he had a date was when "Caitlyn Jenner was a man." I mean, I don't even know where to begin with this comment but luckily, Allison and Kelsea spoke for all rational humans when Allison said, "Just do better, guys. Like, what are you doing?" And Kelsea further clarified by saying, "That's not a thing. To say that someone who is trans was another gender is completely ignorant." Unfortunately, this is the stuff that both podcast hosts and all of Bachelor Nation has come to expect from Daniel — and it's just not OK.

Basically, all of the men this week were given failing grades for their behavior. Let's hope they don't continue on this trajectory and start having more respect for the women on the show with them. Come on, guys. Do better. The ladies of Paradise deserve better.