'The Bachelor' Isn't Danielle L.'s First Reality Show


By now fans have seen enough of Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor to suss out who the frontrunners are in the dwindling group of hopeful contestants. One woman who is looking like she could take it all the way is Danielle L. Yes, they are two Danielles this season, so it can be confusing. The Danielle that I am rooting hard for is a small business owner and happens to be a seasoned reality show star. That's right, before The Bachelor, Danielle L. was on Roll Models (the reality series, not the movie with Paul Rudd).

If you haven't heard of Roll Models, don't worry, you are most definitely not alone. I don't think that this particular series was a huge phenomenon on par with shows like The Bachelor. The entire series was only aired online and it centered around the lives of import car models (bet you didn't even know that was a thing) and go-go dancers. Directly from the Roll Models Facebook page, the show is summed up as exploring "The Asian American youth culture of Southern California and encompasses the underground worlds of import car modeling and gogo dancing." It was certainly geared towards a very niche market, but it has a loyal fanbase. Basically, the series was very much like an inside look into the world of a real life The Fast And The Furious.

According to an interview she did in 2014 with SuperStreetOnline.com, Danielle has been modeling for a while and was discovered by Pretigious Models while walking around a Hot Import Nights car show with her friends. This contestant will make you seriously re-evaluate how hard you think you are currently working because not only is she a successful model, but according to her LinkedIn, she also owns Hana Nails: A Modern Spa in Long Beach and Champagne Nail Salon in Los Angeles and is the Chief Brand Officer at Crafts Creamery in Danville, California which sells liquid nitrogen ice cream treats. Oh yeah, she is only 27 years old.

Danielle L. may have a reality show stint under her belt but she is much more than that. She is one to watch this season. If Nick is smart, he will keep offering roses to this reality veteran/inspiring entrepreneur. He would be lucky to steal her heart.