June Diane Raphael Has Some Hot Takes On 'The Bachelorette' Spoilers

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Rachel Lindsay's groundbreaking Bachelorette season is still months away and the suspense is killing me. Thankfully, ABC has given fans a little sneak peek into the her season, with the help of Ellen Degeneres. On her show, she introduced viewers to six Bachelorette contestants that will be competing for Rachel's heart. It was also revealed that Rachel, who has already filmed three weeks of the show, had already kissed two of the contestants. The anticipation is killing fans, which was all the hosts of Bustle's Bachelor podcast could talk about with their special guest June Diane Raphael. The Grace and Frankie star also made her predictions for the upcoming season — and she knows her stuff.

On this special episode of Will You Accept This Podcast? (which you can listen to here), Bustle’s Senior Entertainment Editor Kelsea Stahler and Romper's Senior News and Entertainment Editor Allison Piwowarski discussed the Ellen episode and the vibe they got from the men with Raphael. "I feel like the guys who aren't taking up too much space and energy on this situation are the guys I want her with," Raphael said after watching the men's behavior. But when it was all said and done, Raphael decided that Willie G., who has a "kind face," and Fred are the two she feels are real contenders for Rachel.

From what I've seen of Rachel's suitors, I agree with Raphael's choices. Willie G. does have a kind face and it seems like he has a nice personality to match it. Also, her observation of the men's behavior does pass muster. Rachel is looking for real love this season with someone who is mature and can be a serious partner for her. I definitely did not get this vibe from Bryan, who referred to Rachel as his "sloppy seconds." That moment was bizarre and definitely not something I'd want my future fiancé to say about me on television, especially in front of Ellen Degeneres.

But overall, there's no denying that one of these men could potentially be "the one" for Rachel. I'm confident that she will make the right choice when the time comes and find her perfect match, and I wouldn't be surprised if Raphael's picks are the ones to beat.