This 'Bachelorette' Season Includes A Tickle Monster

When it comes to bizarre professions, The Bachelorette's Jonathan wins hands down. OK, he's technically a doctor, but thanks to Chris Harrison, The Bachelorette's Jonathan is dubbed the Tickle Monster, and it's the weirdest title of the season. As Harrison put it during the live Facebook announcement of this season's cast, "When we have some fun with these labels, it's not necessarily what they are, it's who they are."

That doesn't exactly clear up Jonathan's Muppet-esque moniker. According to Harrison, all will become clear on night one, and by the time Tuesday morning rolls around, the whole country will know exactly why this contestant earned such a bizarre title. Apparently, tickling is kind of Jonathan's thing — but Harrison says it's more endearing than it is creepy. I suspect the fans and Rachel will be the ultimate judges on that front, though.

From his official questionnaire, the Tickle Monster — err, Jonathan — seems like a nice enough guy. The 31-year-old describes himself as the wingman of his group, has been skydiving twice, and lost his virginity to his ex-wife. He also has the most eclectic taste in music ever, listing Elvis Presley, Britney Spears, and Flo Rida as his favorite artists.

The show hasn't even officially started yet, and I'm already intrigued by this tickling junkie with a love for Spears music and jumping out of planes.

But is Jonathan final rose material? Rachel is a savvy Bachelorette who is looking for the real deal, and while Jonathan seems sweet and has a good profession, he might have to work extra hard to be taken seriously as a potential romantic partner thanks to his unusual title.

Only time will tell whether or not this affectionate bachelor will win over Rachel and the rest of the world with his Tickle Monster ways.