'The Bachelor's 2020 Contestants List Includes 2 Laurens & 1 Hannah — PHOTOS

ABC/John Fleenor

The Season 24 Bachelor has yet to be announced, but that isn't stopping ABC from teasing out some of the potential women the lucky man could end up falling head over heels in love with. Just like prior to Hannah's season, The Bachelor 2020 contestants may have just been revealed on Facebook, so get those roses ready because these ladies look like they're ready to meet their future husband — if only they (and the rest of the world) could just know who will be waiting to greet them at the Bachelor mansion when this journey begins.

Granted, it's important to keep in mind that there's a chance not all of these women will appear on The Bachelor in January. The description of the album on Facebook makes a point of saying that these are some of the people “who may be” on the show. So try not to get too attached too quickly in case your immediate favorite ends up being a fake-out type of situation.

As for the identity of the Bachelor himself, Mike, Peter, and even Derek have all had their names tossed into the ring this summer as viable candidates to pass out the roses next season. Will one of those names be announced during Tuesday night's Bachelor in Paradise reunion special? Fans will just have to wait and see. But before that time comes, check out some of the possible candidates below and find out who you think makes the best first impression.

1. Alayah B.

Alayah B. is 23 years old and from San Antonio, Texas.

2. Alexa C.

Alexa C. is from Chicago, Illinois.

3. Alexis T.

Alexis T. is from Whistler, British Columbia, Canada.

4. Avonlea E.

Avonlea E. is 27 years old and from Fort Worth, Texas.

5. Courtney P.

Courtney P. is from Venice, Florida.

6. Deandra K.

Deandra K. hails from Plano, Texas.

7. Eunice C.

Eunice C. is from Chicago, Illinois.

8. Hannah Ann S.

Hannah Ann S. is from Knoxville, Tennessee.

9. Hayley H.

Hayley H. is from Los Angeles, California.

10. Jade M.

Jade M. is from Mesa, Arizona.

11. Jasmine N.

Jasmine N. is from Houston, Texas.

12. Jenna S.

Jenna S. is from New Lenox, Illinois.

13. Katrina B.

Katrina B. is from Chicago, Illinois.

14. Kelley F.

Kelley F. is from Chicago, Illinois.

15. Kelsey W.

Kelsey W. is from Des Moines, Iowa.

16. Kiarra N.

Kiarra N. is 23 years old and from Roswell, Georgia.

17. Kylie R.

Kylie R. is from Los Angeles, California.

18. Lauren J.

Lauren J. is also from Los Angeles, California.

19. Lauren M.

Lauren M. is from Miami, Florida.

20. Lexi B.

Lexi B. is from New York, New York.

21. Madison P.

Madison P. is from Birmingham, Alabama.

22. Maurissa G.

Maurissa G. is from Atlanta, Georgia.

23. Megan H.

Megan H. is from Daly City, California.

24. Mykenna D.

Mykenna D. is from Langley, British Columbia, Canada.

25. Natasha P.

Natasha P. is from New York, New York.

26. Payton M.

Payton M. is 24 years old and from Wellesley, Massachusetts.

27. Sarah C.

Sarah C. is from Knoxville, Tennessee.

28. Savanah M.

Savanah M. is from Houston, Texas.

29. Shiann L.

Shiann L. is from Las Vegas, Nevada.

30. Sydney H.

Sydney H. is from Birmingham, Alabama.

31. Tammy L.

Tammy L. is from Syracuse, New York.

32. Victoria F.

Victoria F. is from Virginia Beach, Virginia.

33. Victoria P.

Victoria P. is 27 years old and from Alexandria, Louisiana.

Now that everyone knows who these contestants are, the only thing needed at this point is the meet the Bachelor himself.