Hannah Brown Is Ready To Revisit The Windmill In Peter’s ‘Bachelor’ Premiere


If you were expecting the upcoming season of The Bachelor to be filled with windmill jokes and references to Peter Weber and Hannah Brown's fantasy suite date, the show's producers have done one better. According to a press release obtained by Bustle, Hannah will return to The Bachelor to will host a group date in the premiere, airing Jan. 6. The date will, apparently, consist of Hannah and the contestants sharing their most memorable sex stories in front of a live audience.

In late November, Bachelor Nation teased Hannah's return to the franchise with a promo that shows the former Bachelorette and Dancing With the Stars winner stepping out of a limo to meet with Peter one-on-one. "What I'm about to say is extremely crazy," Peter says in the promo, while the contestants appear to rush to eavesdrop. "What would you say if I asked you to come and be part of the house?"

While Hannah has played it coy when asked whether or not she still has feelings for Peter, and why she decided to return to The Bachelor, the former beauty queen has stated that she's okay with the amount of windmill references in Peter's promos. "It was a memorable moment, I think, for everyone," she told Entertainment Weekly recently. "So, they had to put it in the promo."

Peter — who was the third runner up for Hannah's affections on the most recent season of The Bachelorette — had one of the most memorable Fantasy Suite dates in franchise history when he and Hannah spent the night together in a historic windmill in Greece. Shortly afterwards, during an intense confrontation with Luke P., Hannah fired back at his attempts to slut shame her by declaring, "I f*cked in a windmill. And guess what? We did it a second time." A few weeks later, during the After the Final Rose special in July, Hannah revealed that she and Peter had actually slept together four times during their overnight date, so it's no wonder that his Bachelor season is leaning heavily into the windmill references.

Despite their physical chemistry, Peter was ultimately eliminated in favor of Tyler Cameron and Jed Wyatt, though Hannah has made it clear that she still has a great deal of affection for Pilot Pete. "I had real feelings for him and I know that he had real feelings for me, but ultimately when you care for somebody, you want them to find their happiness," she told Entertainment Tonight in September.

Though their breakup left Peter "heartbroken," according to Hannah, at the time, she seemed ready to step back and root for him to find his perfect partner on the show. "I think he's going to be a great Bachelor and is going to make all those girls really, really happy and have a really great experience," Hannah said.

Fans will have to wait until The Bachelor premieres on Jan. 6 to find out whether or not Hannah changes her mind and does decide to give her relationship with Peter another chance — or if she's content to let him find another girl to whisk away to a romantic windmill.