What To Get Your BFF For The Holidays, Based, On Their Zodiac Sign

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Finding the perfect gift for your bestie is hard. So instead of stressing out over it, this year just refer to their astrological sign to find the most cosmically appropriate gift there is. Yes, I'm really suggesting gift ideas for your best friend based on their zodiac sign — it's essentially letting the universe choose the gift. And if you tell your bestie you picked their gift based off their sign, they're bound to love the gift — who wants to disagree with the universe?

Shopping for someone you love is hard. You want to get them something that will make them feel good, something that they'll actually use and appreciate, and also something that's personal — and that's a lot of criteria. So much so, it makes the entire gift shopping process seriously overwhelming. So don't start out your holiday shopping marathon with a vague goal. Narrow it down by using your best friend's sign to guide you. Each sign has some pretty obvious personality traits, and you'll surely know which ones your bestie possesses. Use that trait to help you pick a gift, or check out this list of zodiac driven gifts that cater to each sign's most powerful traits:


Urban Outfitters

12-Piece Electroplated Flatware, $69, Urban Outfitters

If there's anyone whose going to pull off a metallic, rainbow flatware set, it's your Aries bestie. She's bold, she's bright, she loves entertaining, and she's psyched about anything funky.


Urban Outfitters

Francis Photo Frame Banner, $34, Urban Outfitters

Taurus women are nostalgic, reliable, and love to bask in good memories. Get your Taurus bestie something that they can use to cherish their favorite memories.



Bee Raw Varietal Honey Flight, $70, Terrain

Your Gemini bestie has a super dynamic personality. They've got all sorts of conflicting interests and will try anything, which makes them the perfect recipient for a flight gift.



Tell Me To Smile Duffle, $13, Nylon Shop

The last person you want to tell to smile is a Cancer (but also don't tell anyone to smile, that's gross), so they'll surely appreciate this tote bag.


Uncommon Goods

Champagne Cupcake Kit, $25, Uncommon Goods

Leos love anything fancy and shiny, and they also love the satisfaction of a good DIY. This champagne cupcake-making kit is the perfect combination of both interests. Get it for your bestie, and then bake them together.


Uncommon Goods

Fix It Kit, $30, Uncommon Goods

No one appreciates a sensible gift like a Virgo. Get your bestie a gift that they can use, like this fix-it kit that's super versatile and totally compact.



Mood Earrings, $15, ModCloth

Libras are all about balance and justice, so your Libra bestie will surely appreciate the novelty of measuring mood balance old school mood earrings. And whether or not they buy into the accuracy of the mood reading, the earrings are pretty cute.


Nylon Shop

Donut Kill My Vibe Mug, $16, Nylon Shop

If anyone has a dark sense of humor, it's your Scorpio bestie. This mug will make them laugh, and they'll probably get a lot of milage out of it.


Urban Outfitters

Petits Voyage Trio Set, $24, Urban Outfitters

The Sag loves to travel, so get them a gift that's perfect for a trip — like a travel-sized fragrance and cream set. Let your bestie know how well you know them by encouraging their travel bug.



Handlettering For Relaxation, $22, Terrain

Capricorn works really hard, and often has a hard time winding down. This relaxation handbook is literally handcrafted for the Capricorn who literally needs to work hard just to relax.



Ghostly Tales, $23, ModCloth

The Aquarius has a big imagination and is deeply curious. So, a book of ghost stories long past Halloween season is going to still be hugely awesome for an Aquarius. Plus, the combination of history is going to make this book even more impressive.


Uncommon Goods

Homesick Candle, $30, Uncommon Goods

One of the lesser-known attributes of the Pisces is that they love to be home. While they're very creative and love to explore, their happiest place is at home. So get them this homesick candle to remind them of their favorite place.