CVS Announced Its Best-Selling Beauty Products Of 2018 And You'll Want Them ALL

Courtesy CVS

It's no secret that drugstore beauty can be just as good as high-end goods. From foundations to skin care to hair, don't underestimate the drug store when it comes to your beauty needs. The best 2018 drugstore beauty products at CVS will make you want to shop ASAP.

No matter what drugstore you choose to shop at, there are always stand out products. CVS happened to round up some of their best sellers, and it's time for you to start browsing through their options for your beauty steals. The drugstore retailer put together their top 10 items in every beauty category from makeup to skin care to hair, and there's a lot to choose from.

Perhaps most notable, though, is that their top sellers include items from their K-beauty section as well. In case you hadn't heard, CVS is basically the place for affordable K-Beauty. Curated by Peach & Lily creator Alicia Yoon and featuring products Peach & Lily sister brand Peach Slices, CVS is where you should be heading for drug store K-beauty. Hey, if it's good enough for Yoon, it's definitely good enough for you.

What are some of CVS best-selling beauty products from 2018? Get ready to start making a list because with prices this affordable, you can definitely bring home quite a drugstore beauty haul.


These products aren't CVS's only makeup best sellers. They're also joined by eyeliners, bronzers, a glowy primer, pore minimizer, and brow product.

Skin Care

Other skin care items that made the cut include acne patches from Peach Slices, more sheet masks, and moisturizers.

Hair, Body, & Nails

Clearly, you need a shopping spree at CVS ASAP. Whether you're looking for hair, skin, nails, or makeup, the retailer's got it for you.