The Best Active Wear In The UK, Perfect For When You Want To Work Out — Or Not


No brag but being glam and chic every day is really an utterly exhausting task. OK just kidding, but real talk — isn't hauling one's sorry tush out of bed every day just about as hard as it gets? Especially when you need to throw on work-appropriate garb and get on it. For some of us, work appropriate garb is basically whatever you want but for most of us, sartorial freedom is held for the weekend. And what is more weekend than pulling on leggings and a t-shirt. Hell yes and the best active wear in the UK is going to have you hopping to the gym — or just to the shops.

Seriously though, active wear is not solely for those interested in fitness. I mean I will be honest and say at this moment, I am dressed as let's say, someone who might consider themselves an "athlete." But am I training for the Olympics? Do I have a cheeky half marathon in the diary? Hell no. The only thing I am running to is the kitchen to grab another coffee.

Walking around town in your active wear might mean you are rushing to your yoga class, nipping to the shop, or just out for a stroll. But what it definitely means is you are so hot right now.

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Nike 7/8 Training Tights



Just a pair of leggings. Yep, just a pair of leggings with a load of beautiful parrots, flowers, and general gorgeousness. Worn best with a take away coffee cup and a general air of smugness. Style and comfort 10/10. Available in XS to XL.

SST Track Jacket




Oh hey sorry I just fainted. This is too gorgeous to handle. In my very favourite colour, orange. This little jacket will not only be useful for fitness, but fabulousness too. Available in XS to XL.

Asymmetric Tape Logo Crop T-Shirt by Ivy Park




Look if it is good enough for Yoncé, it is good enough for me. This is dying to be worn with some mom jeans, but why not double down and pair with some jazzy high waisted leggings. Available in XXS to XXL.

Kappa Popsicle T Shirt



Sports Direct

Kappa is back guys. And thank eff for that. Bright as can be and with a logo that shows two gals backing each other, what more could you actually want? Available in S to L.

Soft Drawstring Hoodie



Big comfy jumper, tick. On trend lime amazingness, check check. Cute and cosy fashion? Triple check. Available in XS to XL.

Active Black Grid Panel Printed Leggings



Woah, this is the the matrix y'all. I swear if you throw a flowy shirt on top of this and some slightly smart shoes and you could fully hit the town in these. Available in 6 to 14.

Puma Exclusive To ASOS Plus Wetlook Front Leggings



Puma and ASOS got together to do the unthinkable (according to history) and make a plus size range of active wear that is super stylish and actually nicer than their other ranges. Sadly it was such a hit that there is only size 18 and 20 left in this pair but hopefully success means we will be seeing more from this particular collaboration.

Ellesse Cropped Sweatshirt




Cher loves a make over. Serve Clueless realness in this gorgeous crop shirt that is available in 16 to 20.

Help Refugees Choose Love Organic Cotton Hoodie



Choose not only active wear but also love, with this hoodie which will drape over any leggings and keep your bum warm from January gusts. Available in M to XL.

This winter, the best way to shake away the winter blues is to get into your best active wear. Who knows, maybe you might even go for a run, but no matter what, you go girl.