Tie Dye Is Back For 2019 & It's Even More Joyful Than You Remember

ASOS/Urban Outfitters

The great thing about fashion, is when you get old enough things just come back around and are stylish again. And you know what is back in? Tie dye. I mean, for bright colour obsessives like me it was never out. But as it is in again there are absolutely butt loads of pieces out there offering ways to spice up your wardrobe and, of course, excuses to add more colour to your look. And you can forget hippy vibes, tie dye trend in 2019 is chic AF.

Tie dye has a bit of a rep for being the stalwart of surfers, hippies, and people who discovered themselves while travelling. So rule one of tie dye club is that you need to throw images of tan coloured harem pants out of your mind immediately. Once you have cleansed your mind of such lurid images you will be able to open up your mind to the wonder of tie dye and all of its wonder.

Babes if it is good enough for the likes of Christian Dior, Calvin Klein, and Stella McCartney — which it is, according to Fashionista — it is absolutely good enough for you. I mean even Kim Kardashian was peddling bright coloured garms in her Kimoji collection. Here's how to get involved.

Chuck Taylor All Star Tie Dye




Oh hello Chuck, always a pleasure to see you. These bad boys are a twist on a classic and would look incredible with some white jeans.

Tie Dye All In One Suit



So this is not only gorgeous, waterproof, and steezy AF but it is also designed to be fully wheelchair accessible too! Best worn with a little pop of animal print because why not. Available in size UK 4 to 18.

Plus Multi Tie Dye Short Sleeve T Shirt Dress


Pretty Little Thing

This is like ridiculous levels of rainbow tie dye joyousness. Perfect dress to pull out for pride and can be dressed up for a night out or thrown on top of a swimsuit after the beach. Available in sizes 18 to 24.

UO Cat Print Tie Dye T-Shirt


Urban Outfitters

You don't have to be a cat lover to obsess over this top. Not only dead on trend with tie dye but in lavender too. 100 percent cotton means that when summer eventually kicks in you will feel nice and breezy. Comes in XS to L.

Hype Blue Tie Dye Backpack




Ideal for adding a little pop to your look, a backpack is the perfect way to inject a little tie dye into your life. Hype backpacks are super functional as well as stylish and will help you accidentally hoard all day.

Positive Vibes Socks



OK I cannot get over these socks, I am literally staring at them. Gorgeous pastel tie dye with funny little patches on. Super cosmic and trippy. The kind of socks you want to wear two days in a row and don't care who knows.

Nike Tie Dye Print Leggings




Oh hello sexy active wear! Whether you like exercising, are trying to like exercising, or like wearing active wear just so people think you've been exercising — these are amazing. Available in XS to XXL.

Black Tie Dye Mesh Dress


New Look

This is like grunge realness times a thousand. To be worn with your DM boots and a shabby denim jacket. Available in a UK size 6 to 18 and selling fast, do get yours ASAP.

Colour Me Bad Tie Dye Tee



Dolls Kill

Yes it is see through and yes you can pull it off. Not that you will want to take this gorgeous thing off. Available in XS to XL.

Tulip One Step Tie Dye Kit Vibrant 3 Pack



Hey maybe you want to give tie dying a go yourself? Save money and do up your sadder looking clothes. Gorgeous.

So basically, tie dye is going to be absolutely massive, so go wild and have fun with it.