9 Beauty Products With Pumps That Are Perfect For Lazy Beauty Fans

Although I love beauty, and my job revolves around it, I have to admit I can be rather lazy when it comes to actually completing my routines, especially with packaging. Having to unscrew lids when you're short on time and patience? I'm just not about that life (first world problems). For this reason, I love a pump! Be it skincare or shampoo, products with a pump applicator are a total dream. And because I care about my fellow lazy beauty fans, I found the best beauty products with pumps. You can thank me later, with all that spare time you are set to soon have.

If you're still not convinced about this whole pump thing, let me lay out the top three reasons why they're so great:


From dipping your fingers into tubs to opening and closing lids, bacteria and dirt from your hands can get everywhere, which isn't always good news for your beauty products. Pumps allow hygienic application, given that they barely touch your hands, and you are not having direct contact with the rest of the product.


The most annoying thing about buying expensive beauty products is all the waste that can take place. With things like shampoos and shower gels, you can lose nearly as much product down the sinkhole as you put on your face. Pumps provide the perfect quantity of product every time so you can make your money's worth.


As mentioned, pumps are perfect for the lazy among us. Unscrewing lids can be time-consuming, fiddly, and just a faff in general. Pumps on the other hand? A total breeze.

The only thing worth noting is that many pumps are non-recyclable, which is of course a huge downside to using them. However, if you be sure to unscrew and remove them, you can throw them away separately to the bottle they are attached to, and recycle that. Equally, another great way to make them more sustainable is to keep them and re-use them in products that do not have pumps.

Here are my favourite products with pumps: