7 Of The Most Effective Ways To Prevent Blisters That You Probably Haven't Tried Yet


There’s nothing that can spoil a gorgeous day of hiking or a fun night out dancing like getting horrible blisters. If you’re into active hobbies, whether that’s running, hiking, dancing, or even just spending a few hours shopping around town, you need the best blister protection for feet. You don’t want to be that person who has to stop every 10 minutes to adjust your socks, or reapply that sagging band-aid that keeps bunching up around your heel.

Blisters may only be the size of a pea, but they can put you through an incredible amount of pain in that tiny square space — one simple centimeter can ruin your whole afternoon. Most traditional prevention techniques don't work; Band-aids typically spend most of the day wadded up in your shoe while wraps and dressings rarely offer enough cushioning to be effective.

Fortunately, the modern age has brought us major advances in blister prevention technology and there are now tons of products out there that can help prevent your feet from screaming while you attempt to walk. The selection includes sprays, balms, cushions, pads, gels, and even special socks that stop your shoes from rubbing against blister-prone zones. Take a look at some of the best blister prevention products available and then venture out into the world with confidence.


These Soft Cushions Prevent Rubbing And Won't Budge When You Move

If you're planning a big hiking excursion or even just a long day of walking around the city, these miracle blister cushioning pads will be total game changers. The high-intensity adhesives bond to your skin and refuse to budge all day long, regardless of how hard the back of your shoes are rubbing against them. They're super soft and each pack comes with two bunion pads, two heel pads, and one toe pad, making them perfect for running, trekking, or team sports like soccer and basketball.


This Invisible Balm Creates A Slick Barrier Between Your Skin And Your Shoe

Infused with nourishing vitamins A and C, this smooth anti-blister balm creates a barrier between your shoes and your skin, allowing your feet to glide effortlessly as you move without rubbing or chafing. It softens the skin too, alleviating dry and chapped feet and reducing inflammation. Although originally intended for sports use, the balm is invisible, which makes it a great option for wearing with heels, too. One excited Amazon reviewer said: "This is a miracle product!! I can wear even the most uncomfortable of shoes (stilettos, etc) and end up with NO blisters!"


These Genius Socks Have Mohair Cushioning Around The Blister-Prone Parts Of Your Feet

Constructed with a special blend of mohair that cushions your heels and foot arches where you're most prone to blisters, these astonishingly effective anti-blister crew socks are great for walking, hiking, trekking, and other activities. They offer superb protection from blisters and hotspots while keeping your feet soft and comfortable. Best of all, they're designed for high-intensity aerobic activity so the material is breathable and quick-drying. Translation: You can get super sweaty in these socks without your feet getting uncomfortably hot and damp.


This Brilliant Spray Goes With Heels So You Can Dance The Night Away In Comfort

Shake it like a Polaroid picture all night long with this incredibly functional blister spray meant specifically for dress shoes. Using a paraben-free formula, the spray lasts a staggering six hours and, unlike some balms and sticks, isn't as prone to rubbing off. The spray dries quickly and can be easily removed at the end of the night with just a warm washcloth. What's more, the spray isn't restricted just to high heels — it works great with boots, flats, and sneakers, too.


This Comprehensive 4-In-1 Kit Prevents Blisters While Also Treating Burns, Pain, And Chafing

Designed for athletes who are constantly susceptible to blisters, this all-in-one kit provides all of the tools needed to prevent blisters, help them heal fast, and manage any associated pain. Each kit comes with packets of BlisterZone, PainZone, ChafeZone, and BurnZone, offering not only blister prevention, but also, treatment for sunburns, cuts, scrapes, floor burns, and turf burns, too. It comes in an easy-carry pack meant to be thrown in your bag so you can always be prepared.


These Clever Toe Protectors Slide Over Your Pinky To Reduce Abrasion

These brilliant toe protectors slide over your pinky and index toes to prevent them from rubbing together in your shoes where they tend to create blisters and corns. The little toe sleeves are made of a super soft silicone material that's stretchy enough to fit most feet and are comfortable to wear. You can use them with sandals, sneakers, boots, or even high heels, and they can be washed and reused time and time again.


These Cooling Gel Packs Will Prevent Small Blisters From Getting Worse

If you're out hiking, running, or walking around the city and feel blisters coming on but you're not somewhere you can turn back easily, these awesome blister gel packs will prevent them from getting worse. Simply apply the cushioned pouch like a regular band-aid at the first sign of blistering and allow the cooling gel to soothe and heal. The adhesive is fantastically strong and won't rub or slide off, giving you immense relief while stopping them from getting out of control.


These Fantastically Smart Strips Keep Your Strappy Shoes From Creating Blisters

Anyone who's ever gone out in strappy shoes knows that your heels aren't the only spots on your feet that are prone to blisters. These brilliant anti-blister strips are designed especially for the thin straps on dress shoes and heels. Made with high-performance PORON material, the cushioned strips block your straps from cutting or digging in against your feet while remaining completely invisible. Put them on top of your arch, by the sides by your ankles, or anywhere else your straps tend to rub.

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