The 9 Books To Buy Your Friends Based On Their Personality Types


A book for Christmas is always a wanted gift (unless you really hate reading). People don't even have to be hardcore fiction lovers to appreciate the written word for there are plenty of genres to suit all tastes and desires. If you're struggling to conjure up good gift ideas this festive season, here's a few book suggestions for your entire friendship group.

It's common to have friends with different personalities. Some may enjoy the more creative things in life, like visiting art galleries at weekends or compiling countless Pinterest boards. Others are more pragmatic, ensuring they stay organised by scheduling every hour of every day.

Then there's the people who love to travel or at least dream of travelling (they're always in the mood for inspiration), those who enjoy digging deep into topics both big and small, and those who just like a good laugh 99.9% of the time. Books can please them all.

So whether your pal wants to know the real story behind a newspaper investigation that changed the world or longs to perfect their cooking skills without spending a fortune, the following titles may make for the perfect gift. Another advantage: they won't break your bank account either.