5 Bargain Cooling Mats To Keep Your Dog Chill In The Heatwave

By Sarah Lakos

There's no two ways about it: it's hot out there. Give your furry best friend a break from the heat with one of these best selling cooling mats for dogs. The right cooling mat will make your dog more comfortable and able to settle in the hot summer months. It's important to keep your pet hydrated and look for signs of over heating if they're active or outside a lot.

According to Oxfordshire animal charity Blue Cross, some of the ways to keep your dog cool and prevent heatstroke include:

  • Making sure they have access to clean water throughout the day
  • Walking your dog at cooler times of the day (morning and night)
  • Keeping an eye on them for symptoms of dehydration or heat stroke. These include heavy panting and loss of energy
  • Never leaving your dog in a car, even with the windows open
  • Making 'ice lollies' for your pup by freezing their favourite food mixed through water
  • Swimming or wetting them to cool down

If your pup is a city-dweller and unable to take a dip, one of these cool mats might be the best way to relieve them from the heat of the day. Here, we're sharing Amazon's most popular cool mats based on their sales - and they're all non-toxic and under £25!

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Amazon's Top 5 Best Selling Cool Mats For Dogs

#1 HueLiv Dog Cooling Mat

This 100% non-toxic self cooling mat is immediately effective without need for refrigeration. It comes in three sizes, so your small, medium, and large pooches are all catered for. The fabric is a scratch-resistant and wear-resistant polyester for durability, though obviously not chew-proof. 75% of Amazon reviewers gave this cooling mat a five-star rating, with many commenting on how easy it was to fold up and store.

#2 GoStock Dog Cooling Mat

This mat caters for large pets, coming in L, XL and XXL sizes. The GoStock cooling mat also receives rave reviews on Amazon with one reviewer delighting at its thicker padding. 100% non-toxic gel keeps your furry pal cool, however it's a no-no for pets who love to chew or bite their mats and toys.

#3 YGJT Dog Cooling Mat

These cooling mats are tailored to smaller and medium pet sizes, and will also fit in a crate or dog bed. We love the icicle pattern as a point of difference. 100% non-toxic and self-cooling, your doggo will love snoozing away the hot day.

#4 Upgraded Large Dog Cooling Mat

This range will cater for larger pups, each mat size is more rectangular shaped than square, which might suit narrower spaces around your house. 100% non-toxic, and scratch-proof, reviewers have used when transporting their pup to the vet or driving to walking paths.

#5 GoPetee Dog Cooling Mat

This range of mats has the widest variety of sizes from M to XXL. 100% non-toxic, reviewers say their dogs won't leave their GoPetee mat on hot days. It's wipe clean, durable fabric means it's a great choice for camping, car rides, and around the house, too.