These Amazing Twitter Memes Make Perfect Couples Halloween Costumes


Halloween is only six days away, and you may be scrambling for a last-minute costume idea if you're a procrastinator like me. Luckily for us, "Couples Costume Ideas" is trending on Twitter, and it's filled with perfect costume ideas for the meme lovers among us. Not all of the costumes are easily doable, but some are genius in how easy they are. The meme actually dates back to 2014, but it began to trend again this week with the holiday quickly approaching. Many of these costumes can be pulled off without much effort or preparation — all it takes is superior meme knowledge.

I'll admit I felt a bit out of touch when checking out different tweets that use the viral phrase. I like to think I'm on top of Internet culture, but some of the meme-based costume ideas are so niche, so hyper-specific, that even after copious Googling, I have no idea what memes they're referencing. Many of these are pretty universal, though, or at least widely referenced outside of Twitter, and you'll be able to throw together a costume in no time. Some of the costume ideas are pretty sarcastic, but can still be pulled off with the right sense of humor. Ahead, some of the best meme-based couples costume ideas that Twitter has on offer.

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Girl On Phone & "Oh, They Were Roommates" Guy

If you haven't watched the viral Vine this tweet gets its inspiration from, you're surely missing out. I miss Vine even more now, and all this costume requires is a friend group (or heck — two roommates) with intimate meme knowledge.

Jesy Nelson & A Jamaican Accent

My mom's entire family is Jamaican, which makes this tragic meme even funnier for me. Jesy Nelson of British band Little Mix attempted a Jamaican accident and failed miserably, and a brilliant meme resulted. (Note: though the concept itself is hilarious in a bizarre way, putting on a Jamaican accent if you are not yourself Jamaican could be construed as cultural appropriation, even if it's clearly referencing this meme. Instead, try wearing a t-shirt with the word "balegdah" written on it — and if you don't get why that's funny, you need to watch the video.)

Pete Wentz & Bruno Mars

On April 29, 2008, something magical happened: Bruno Mars saw Pete Wentz, and he was very excited. We know this because of a photo that's arguably the best picture of the century. (Bruno reportedly said he was making the expression because a photographer bumped into him, but I'm sticking to my explanation.) Wentz told Buzzfeed he's never talked to Bruno about the pictures, but with just a fedora and a beanie, you and your friend can make believe they did.

Guy Checking Out Girl & Disgusted Girlfriend

It's the stock photo seen around the world: You can't avoid the 'Guy Checking Out Girl' meme on social media because it's applicable to so many situations. Bonus: This costume can even feature three people.

"I Was Told By Apple Care" And Apple Store Employee

If you haven't seen this Vine, now is the time. The woman screaming the now infamous "I was told by Apple care" line in the video manages to make a remarkable level of noise. I'm equally impressed and scared every time I watch, and it's the perfect couples costume for the pair who spends a bit too much time on the Internet.

Stanley from 'The Office' & Pretzel Day

One of the most endearing tropes from The Office is Stanley Hudson's love for Pretzel Day, an annual company tradition where everyone gets free pretzels. It resonates even more if you've spent time in corporate America, where any small treat is a victory. Bonus: make this a costume (and a snack) for one by carrying around a pretzel all night.

This Poor Boy & His Avocado

Are you as thankful as this gracious child? Probably not. We could all learn something from his reaction to getting an avocado for a present. You likely can't pull off his adorably high-pitched voice, but if you can carry around a gift-wrapped avocado, you've got a costume ready.

That Couple From TLC's Awful First Kiss Show

TLC's 'Love At First Kiss' had a simple premise: Kiss someone without wasting time on small talk, and you'll know whether you have chemistry. Unfortunately, things went terribly wrong for one participant, and the rest is meme history.

Oprah Winfrey & Bread

I adore Oprah. I'm even okay with the idea of her being president of the United States. She's even more worthy of adoration once you realize how much she loves bread. She is all of us, and all it takes for this costume to work is a tan sweater and a genuine love for carbs.

Kim Kardashian-West & Her Diamond Earrings

"There are people that are dying" is a reminder that it could be worse, but the video of Kourtney Kardashian admonishing her sister for crying over earrings makes the expression even more quotable. All you need for this costume is tears and lavish earrings (costume ones will do).

Auntie Angel & A Grapefruit

Warning: This video is about as NSFW as it gets, but it's also required watching for all of us. I can't vouch for the grapefruit technique, but Auntie Angel's enthusiasm is inspiring to us all, and it's no surprise a meme was born out of her how-to video.

Angry Bath & Body Works Customer & A Peach Bellini Candle

I aspire to the level of anger shown by this woman when she had a negative customer experience at a local candle shop. You'll have to watch Angela's rant, which is nearly 12 minutes long, to get the peach bellini reference, but it's worth it.

Unimpressed Chloe & Her Crying Sister

Imagine surprising your kids with a trip to Disneyland. It's every child's dream, right? Not Chloe, the hero we didn't know we needed. Then only two years old, the toddler was nowhere near as excited as her sister at the news of a surprise trip, and her reaction will be meme'd for time immemorial.

Even if you don't know much about pop culture, you can easily throw something together after looking up Couples Halloween Costumes on Twitter. Bonus: Your friends will think your sense of humor is top-notch, and you could even become next year's goal costume.