The Best Dewy Foundations

One scroll through Instagram can tell you that dewy skin is the look right now. But, achieving a luminous glow is often easier said than done, especially on those days when you're feeling more lackluster than "lit from within." The good news is that the best dewy foundations provide you with the coverage you need, while adding natural-looking radiance.

The most effective foundations for adding glow feature hydrating formulas that contain light-reflecting pigments to give your complexion a boost. But to really find the best luminous foundation for you, you need to consider your skin type. For dry skin, selecting a dewy foundation that is loaded with moisturizing ingredients, like squalane, is a smart choice. For aging skin, a smooth foundation that minimizes pores and has collagen-promoting ingredients is a solid option. However, if you have extra oily skin, it might be best to reconsider dewy foundation all together, and opt for matte foundation. That's because dewy foundations add moisture, and if you're already trying to combat excess oils and shine, you probably don't need more moisture in the mix.

With all that in mind, take a look at the foundations below. They're all capable of giving your skin that much-sought-after luminosity, and have the Amazon ratings to back it up. Plus, many come with built-in SPF so that you can protect your skin while adding glow.