7 Films Perfect For Anyone Still Holding On To Joe Goldberg & His Baseball Cap

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Ever since the debut of Netflix's You, fans of the U.S. psychological thriller haven't been able to look away from the creepy chronicles of Joe Goldberg. However, if you've already powered your way through the first two seasons, you might be wondering where you're going to get your next fix. Well, as await the arrival of You series 3, there are several equally brilliant movies to enjoy in the meantime — and to help steer you in the right direction, here are some of the very best films on Netflix UK to watch if you liked You.

The streaming platform offers an impressive range of truly gripping big-screen alternatives, many of which boast eerily similar vibes to everyones latest Netflix obsession. Themes such as social media addiction, kidnapping, manipulation, and murder can all be found at the heart of Netflix's library in this particular genre — which includes a mixture of gory horror flicks, tense thrillers, and much more. So, it appears You fans have plenty to enjoy before their favourite psychological drama arrives back for a new string of episodes, and as we look forward to the show's return, here are some of the greatest feature-length substitutes available to stream on Netflix UK.


'The App'

Our never-ending obsession with all things social media, and dating apps in particular, are very much a central theme of Netflix's original film, The App. The Italian drama follows the story of a young actor named Nick, who becomes hooked on a dating app during his first-ever movie shoot in Rome. Nick's obsession leads him down a self-destructive path, and the potentially damaging effects of some of the world's most popular apps are brought to the forefront.

Watch The App here.



The 2014 thriller Nightcrawler stars the BAFTA-winning Jake Gyllenhaal as petty Los Angeles-based thief, Louis Bloom. The films follows Bloom as he is drawn into a dark, but lucrative business, in which he begins to film the aftermath of several gruesome crimes on the streets of LA — including fires, car accidents, and murder. Louis goes on to profit from the footage, and the moral implications of his unethical side-gig begin to highlight some important questions surrounding journalism and consumer demand.

Watch Nightcrawler here.


'The Basement'

Starring The O.C.'s Mischa Barton, U.S. horror flick The Basement follows the story of a twisted serial-killer, who is known to both physically and psychologically torture his victims using terrifying role-play. After being captured by the creepy killer, a famous guitarist is put through a series of torturous mind-games, all of which lead to an almighty twist in the tale.

Watch The Basement here.


'You Get Me'

The 2017 thriller You Get Me tells the story of an unhealthy obsession, which first develops after a one-night stand. The film stars Bella Thorne as the mysterious Holly, who's dangerous addiction to a new love interest begins to intensify after she transfers to his high school, and becomes increasingly desperate to keep their new found romance alive.

Watch You Get Me here.



Netflix's psychological thriller Cam centres around the character of Alice Ackerman, who works as a cam-girl online under the username "Lola_Lola." As her audience starts to grow, a look-alike begins to infiltrate her account, and in a bid to reclaim her identity, Alice sets out on a mission to discover which mysterious figure is responsible for the online hijack.

Watch Cam here.


'Ingrid Goes West'

The 2017 U.S. black comedy Ingrid Goes West stars Aubrey Plaza as Ingrid Thorburn, a young woman with an addiction to social media. After being released from a psychiatric ward, Ingrid makes her way to Los Angeles in an attempt to meet her Instagram idol. However, things soon take a dark turn.

Watch Ingrid Goes West here.



Netflix's tense 2017 thriller Dismissed follows the story of an exceptionally clever, yet slightly creepy honour student (Dylan Sprouse) — who after receiving some disappointing test results, begins to terrorise his high school teacher and mentor for not giving him the grades he believes he deserves.

Watch Dismissed here.