These Ergonomic Keyboard Wrist Rests Make Typing Way Comfier — & Here's How

If you spend lots of time at your computer, then you know the value of using one of the best keyboard wrist rests. They better align your wrists for a comfortable typing experience and, ultimately, help prevent any potential injuries.

Similar to equally-supportive mouse pad rests, the most popular types of keyboard wrist rests are either foam based or gel based. Both have their own sets of pros and cons. Foam-based keyboard wrist rests, for example, provide firm-but-cushioned support that bounces back to its natural shape after each use. Gel-based rests, on the other hand, are firmer and maintain the same temperature as your body for better blood flow, providing a cooling effect that's great for anyone with carpal tunnel or anyone with heat sensitivities.

No matter which type of keyboard wrist rest you choose, what matters most is that it adequately props up your wrists for more stable alignment and support as you type. And to make your choice a little bit easier, here, find my list of the best options you can buy on Amazon. They're all under $25 and will pair perfectly with the best mouse pad wrist rests. Trust me, your wrists are already thanking you.


The Overall Best Keyboard Wrist Rest Set Considering Price & Value

This Gimars wrist rest set is foam-based and comes with everything you need for a supportive desktop setup. This comfortable, ergonomic set is as budget-friendly as it is functional. It comes with a 17-inch foam keyboard wrist pad — with a sturdy rubber backing to prevent sliding — and a 6-inch by 3-inch mouse wrist pad. Plus, as with any quality wrist rest, each rest is designed to ensure your wrist is properly aligned and minimize joint pressure.

What fans say: "My wrist was hurting so badly I could barely move it. I bought these pads and the pain went away within days. They are very comfortable. Soft enough to cradle your wrist, but firm enough to protect it from injury. I never realized just how hard I was pressing my wrist onto the table... there's a sizable impression on the pad every time I lift my wrist."


Also Great: A Wrist Rest Set That's Ideal For Gamers

Made with gamers in mind, this Aelfox memory-foam-based set also comes with both a keyboard and a mouse pad wrist rest. Though slightly more expensive than the Gimars option, above, its 17-inch by 2-inch body — featuring unique slants throughout for targeted relief — is designed withstand hours of playtime at a gaming keyboard. You can even move it back slightly to give your forearms a break. Colors-wise, it's available in black or gray.

What fans say: "I usually spend a few hours at a time gaming and as with any other gamer wrist fatigue, cramps, etc run rampant. I'm huge on posture, hip alignment etc. so finding this product really made me happy. Both pads are great. Overall quality is fantastic. Price is spot on as well. If you game or spend even 45 min a day on a keyboard I highly recommend!"


A Gel Keyboard Wrist Rest That Stays Cool

Featuring a stylish gel base (hello, pop of color!), Kensington's 19-inch keyboard wrist rest is a cooling, comfortable option. The silicone gel is molded to fit the exact curvature of your wrist and hand, providing that much-desired alignment. Plus, it has a built-in ventilation groove for temperature maintenance. The best part? It's easy to wipe clean.

What fans say: "Love this wrist rest. My old one was fabric, hard to keep clean, and got warm with extended use. This one stays cool and is very comfortable. The back is a little tacky so it doesn't slide all over my desk. Only had it for a few weeks now but I can already feel a difference. As a writer I spend hours typing each day and its helped improved my wrist tension."

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