The Best Keyboard Wrist Rest

If you spend lots of time at your computer, then you know the value of using one of the best keyboard wrist rests. They better align your wrists for a comfortable typing experience and, ultimately, help prevent any potential injuries.

Similar to equally-supportive mouse pad rests, the most popular types of keyboard wrist rests are either foam based or gel based. Both have their own sets of pros and cons. Foam-based keyboard wrist rests, for example, provide firm-but-cushioned support that bounces back to its natural shape after each use. Gel-based rests, on the other hand, are firmer and maintain the same temperature as your body for better blood flow, providing a cooling effect that's great for anyone with carpal tunnel or anyone with heat sensitivities.

No matter which type of keyboard wrist rest you choose, what matters most is that it adequately props up your wrists for more stable alignment and support as you type. And to make your choice a little bit easier, here, find my list of the best options you can buy on Amazon. They're all under $25 and will pair perfectly with the best mouse pad wrist rests. Trust me, your wrists are already thanking you.