Don't Damage Your Gadgets When You Clean Them — Here's How

by Tiana Crump
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Smart devices with LCD touch screens or displays can be easily damaged during cleaning. And using the wrong supplies can even cause the damage. So, to take good care of your favorite (and pricey) devices, you'll need one of the best LCD screen cleaners handy.

It's essential to choose your cleaning solutions carefully. According to Consumer Reports, harsh chemicals like ammonia and alcohol found in glass cleaners like Windex and many multipurpose house cleaners can destroy the protective layer of coating on your screen leading to color distortion and other damage. To effectively clean smudges safely, always choose a LCD-specific cleaner that is ammonia and alcohol-free. There are even safe cleaning solutions you can buy as pre-moistened wipes, ideal for business trips and presentations when you want your gadgets looking sharp.

It's important to choose the material you use to wipe wisely, too. Quality microfiber clothes will pick up most dust and fingerprints on their own without any liquid while being soft enough to keep your LCD safe. Using rough paper towels or cotton cloths, on the other hand, can scratch your screen.

For a dust- and smudge-free smartphone, tablet, laptop, or TV screen, check out my roundup of the best LCD screen cleaners to use.


The Best LCD Screen Cleaner

MagicFiber microfiber cleaning cloths are great LCD cleaners that don't require any liquid or sprays to safely remove dust, fingerprints, and smudges from your electronic devices. The soft, thin microfiber fabric itself gently removes and buffs away dust and grime.

These portable microfiber cloths are huge money-savers since they can be quickly hand or machine washed and reused again and again. Plus, while they're definitely safe for your smartphone, tablet, and television LCDs, they also works on DSLR lenses and glasses. This kit includes five black 6-inch by 7-inch cloths and one gray cloth that can be used to clean cameras and even help set their white balance. While this can tackle most day-to-day smudges, those with serious grime like oily handprints might want the added power of a spray.


The Best Screen Cleaner For LCD TVs

When you need to clean handprints, food, and other big streaks off your LCD television and other electronics quickly, Screen Mom's screen cleaner kit will get the job done safely. This alcohol- and ammonia-free solution in a powerful sprayer can clean any flatscreen from LCD to HDTVs, 4K, LED, Plasma, OLEDs, and more. It also works on laptops, tablets, and phones without odor or streaks.

The kit includes an extra-large, scratch-free microfiber towel that makes cleaning flatscreen televisions quick and easy. Plus, each bottle has more than 1,500 sprays, so while it's a little pricey, the bottle will last a long time.


The Best Screen Cleaner For Smartphones

For smartphone users, the Whoosh! screen cleaner is easy-to-use, conveniently sized, and effective. This screen cleaner is designed to not only remove but helps prevent future fingerprints on your touch screen with its special odorless, nontoxic spray. Like the other sprays on this list, the solution is both alcohol and ammonia free.

When sprayed, it releases a super-fine mist with just enough liquid to clean your smartphone without drenching it. The kit also includes an antimicrobial microfiber cloth that quickly polishes your LCD screen. It's great for cleaning wearable tech like smartwatches, too.


4. The Best Screen Cleaner For Laptops

The Moshi Tera Glove is perfect for keeping your laptop or desktop computer screens clean with its hand-insert design that gives you plenty of control around the hinges, edges, and keys. This unique glove is made out of microfiber and is super easy to use. Simply insert your hand and wipe for a streak-free finish.

The microfiber material removes fingerprints and accumulated dust with its double-sided design: Use the black side for wiping off smudges and the gray side for eliminating dust. For tougher messes, add distilled water to the included spray bottle and give your tech a quick spritz.


5. The Best Screen Cleaner For Travel

The individually wrapped iCloth screen cleaning wipes are great to have for travel, meetings, or just keeping in your desk or purse for quick screen touch-ups. These small wipes have a pre-moistened fabric made with an ammonia- and alcohol-free formula that works on smartphones, tablets, and computers, as well as camera lenses and glasses. They effectively remove dust and smudges, while you don't have to worry that your gadgets will get too wet or streak. Plus, it comes in a pack of 30 to last you months on end.

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