5 Nourishing AF Lip Creams That'll Have You Switching From Balms, STAT


Real talk: I have the absolute driest lips in the land. Whether it's because I am always dehydrated (I never drink enough water) or I have just become dependant on them, I always always have a lip balm with me. Seriously, for me, carrying a lip balm is like carrying a phone to most people; I'm never without it. However, recently, I've really been enjoying cream formulas rather than balms or oils. Want to know what I'm going on about? I've rounded up the best lip creams to keep dryness at bay.

The great thing about having a lip cream rather than another texture is that is it usually pretty versatile. The skin around the lip area is similar to the delicate eye area, and both benefit from a nourishing, comforting, lightweight cream. Some lip creams are even formulated with this in mind, such as Glossier's recent launch Bubblewrap, or Sisley's excellent contour cream.

Cream textures are also great if you suffer from sensitivity or have stayed out in the sun for too long. They are super soothing and comforting, and work with nearly every skin type.

Keep scrolling to discover my five favourite lip creams, with something to suit every budget: