If You Have Short Lashes Like Mine, These Lengthening Mascaras Under £20 Will Help

My main concern when finding a mascara is not getting volume, or a deep glossy colour, but adding length. It's not that I necessarily have super short lashes, I just feel they are a bit lacking in height, so need that extra push. Plus, my preferred look is long, dainty lashes rather than thick voluminous ones. For this reason, I went searching for the best mascara for short lashes under £20, because there are some great options out there that won't break the bank.

The best tip I can offer for applying mascara to enhance the length, is to always take extra steps such as using an eyelash curler beforehand. This will help naturally short, straight lashes find a little more shape, and after mascara application, your eyes will totally pop. I'd also recommend focussing on your application technique. While I like to start at the root (obvs) and do a little 'zig zag' movement up to top, I then really extend the very tip of the lashes in order to reach their best length.

If you're really concerned about your short lashes, I would give LVL a good go. The lash treatment not only lifts your eyelashes, but lengthens them to their full potential. When you apply mascara onto lashes that have had a lift like this, the results are incredible. Blink Brow Bar does a great lash lift, which is available on counter in stores such as Harvey Nichols.

Here is a round up of my favourite lengthening mascaras that won't cost you any more than £20: