Siânnise's Reaction To New Islander Rebecca Has Generated Some Top Class Memes


Winter Love Island is entertaining beyond belief but let's face it, it would be nothing without the Twitter commentary that kicks off at 9 p.m. From Mike Boateng’s lap dance to new boy Connagh Howard stealing Sophie Piper during the re-coupling, the boys have given the internet plenty to talk about. However, one islander stole the show last night (Jan. 20) when Siânnise Fudge couldn't disguise her feelings about a new Love Island bombshell.

Despite not finding someone to "get to know" just yet, Fudge has been a key player in the Love Island villa ever since the series kicked off. Her distinctive accent and winning Booty Camp performance have won the hearts of many, but she really came into her own when new girl Rebecca Gormley entered the villa and got hearts racing.

Gormley strutted down the steps looking like a greek goddess as the girls watched from the balcony above. The boys gave Gormley a very enthusiastic welcome, finding it hard to hide the fact that they were beside themselves with glee. She sat on their knees and kissed them hello and then the camera panned over to see how happy the girls were about it. Fudge was shooting the new islander a look that Twitter just couldn't handle. The panic in here eyes sparked a lot of conversation, laugh, and, of course, memes. Check out the best below.

Super relaxed

If looks could kill

Pure panic

What the hell is this?

Enough now

The moment the alcohol hits

Ultimate regret

Don’t ignore me

Turn this thing around

New name, new me