The Best Moisturizers For Dry Feet

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Blame winter. Or genetics. Or the fact that feet are so sensitive and can't seem to behave for any length of time between pedicures. No matter what culprits we blame for cracked, scaly feet, the solution is always the same: You need one of the best moisturizers for dry feet, and no other moisturizer (whether for your face or body) is going to cut it.

The best creams to combat dryness and slough away dead skin cells are much richer and heavier than the creams and lotions we'd typically use on the rest of our body. It's okay — your feet can handle all of that extra moisture. These creams act as callus removers, or at the very least callus softeners, and can heal dry, cracked feet in a matter of days (or weeks, depending on the formula).

The list below highlights products that moisturize feet in a variety of ways. You can use a traditional cream, albeit one that has effective, heavy-duty ingredients like shea butter, glycerin, and raw manuka honey. You can apply a foot mask that gently sloughs away dead skin cells and gives you baby-smooth feet in days. And you can even wear special gel socks to give your feet a spa-like treatment during the day and at night.

Whatever route you choose, these five moisturizers for dry feet will free you from dry, scaly, rough skin for good.

1. A Thick, Glycerin-Rich Foot Cream That Penetrates The Toughest Skin

If you have tough calluses and extremely dry skin, you know how close to impossible it can be to find a product that works deeply enough to deliver hydration that can make a lasting impact on your feet. But this foot cream is just intense enough to work: It's made with a high concentration of glycerin, which acts like a sponge for drawing in moisture and keeping it locked in place. But it also has another weapon: allantoin, which makes it possible to penetrate through the driest and roughest skin.

Apply this cream to your feet every night after your shower or right before bed (you can toss on a pair of insulating socks to boost the healing effect you'll get from this treatment, for maximum effect). Many reviewers say this is a miracle foot cream that produces visible results in just a few days.

2. A Gentle Foot Exfoliating Mask That Sloughs Away Dead Skin

There are times when a cream isn't enough to moisturize rough feet. And when those times occur, this gentle foot peel steps in to exfoliate dead skin cells and get rid of calluses and scaly skin between toes. This formula is much more gentle than other popular versions because it uses 17 types of natural Korean and Japanese vegetable and leaf extracts to peel away the top layer of dead skin instead of harsh chemicals. After soaking your feet, wear the booties for one hour. You won't notice any changes at first — but within days your feet will start to peel and look kind of gross. No worries: after about seven days, all of the skin will be gone and you'll be left with super-smooth and gorgeous feet.

3. A Peppermint Salve That Rejuvenates Tired Feet

Give tired, achy feet a dose of relief, especially after a long day spent standing or walking. This peppermint foot salve is invigorating and refreshing, but it's also nourishing and healing for cracked heels and toes, thanks to its blend of natural plant oils and antioxidants, which include sweet almond oil, vitamin E, and lanolin. For amazing results, apply the salve to your feet at night before bed and cover them with socks to let the moisture penetrate while you sleep. You'll wake up with softer, smoother feet that feel like they're ready to walk for miles.

4. An Anti-Fungal And Anti-Inflammatory Foot Cream Made With Raw Manuka Honey

The number of incredible, natural, soothing ingredients in this foot cream is pretty unbelievable. Among them, you'll find raw manuka honey, organic aloe vera, coconut oil, blue-green algae, and Cehami, which has been proven to be three times more powerful than aspirin for fighting inflammation and pain.

Here's what all of that means for your feet: Not only will these hydrating ingredients provide immediate and long-term relief for cracked heels, dry skin, and calluses, but they'll also deliver anti-fungal properties and prevent athlete's foot and corns. Reviewers who say they've had cracked heels forever rave about how amazing their feet look and feel the morning after one application.

5. Genius Gel Healing Socks That Moisturize Cracked Heels

If creams, lotions, and booties filled with serum make you feel greasy just thinking about them, try something totally different to help with dry feet: These gel socks that treat cracked heels as you wear them during the day and/or at night. These toeless sleeve socks are comfortable and one size fits most feet. For truly amazing results, try putting them on after you've applied moisturizer to your feet. Reviewers who say they were worried these would make their feet sweaty at night say they are so lightweight that they forget they're wearing anything at all.

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